Sunday, November 7, 2010

Posnanski Blog on CU @ KU game on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bomb Cyclogenesis.

If you don't know what it means, here you go:

"Bomb Cyclogenesis" is a term meteorologists reserve for the most rapidly intensifying low pressure systems. "Bombs" undergo rapid pressure falls as they strengthen, and are defined by pressure drops of at least 24 millibars in 24 hours at 60°N latitude. The threshold for a bomb is a little lower in Minnesota, just 19 millibars in 24 hours at 45°N, the latitude of the Twin Cities.

These ear popping pressure falls are most common along the east coast in Nor'easters where warm ocean waters and extreme cold from Canada combine to produce rapid intensification.

Pretty exciting, right? I thought so, being the weather nerd that I am, until...

The bomb itself blew down our privacy fence. NOT cool. So we now get to walk the dogs in the bomb (i.e., wind gusts of 60 mph, and now some sleet and snow, as the temp plummetted with the barometric pressure). Plus, we have a 30-40 foot section of our fence across the sidewalk. PD and I can't lift it (at least not while the bomb is going on), so it's stuck there for now. Best case scenario, it won't cost much to fix, and/or our home insurance will cover putting up a new fence. We'll see. For now, at least the windchill is 20 degrees above, and not yet 20 degrees below.

RCJ. P.S. the 'hawks play on my bday this year, pretty awesome.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Late Night in the Phog 2010

Here's the Dream On video from this year's Late Night.

Take a look at the right hand corner of the screen on 8:16.

Oh, and watch the whole thing, cause it's awesome.

Rock Chalk

Things I Vow to Never Do.

1. Let Katie stick a needle in my arm.
2. Actually, let any of you stick a needle in my arm.

PD knows about the blog, but I have been unable to get him to post. Don't judge him, though. Kevie doesn't post either.

I am BUSY at work. It is consuming my life. I just got back from a work trip to San Diego. Sounds cool, but it wasn't. Work travel is not fun. And on the way home, I was stuck in the airport for 8 hours because the plane was broken (in case flying isn't scary enough). We finally rolled into Minneapolis at 2:30 a.m.. The Pog missed me. So did PD. I don't know if Mouse realized that I was gone.

We are counting down the days until Mama and Papa K come to visit. It's going to be great. I am going to be 30, which is scary. Not so much for me, as it must be for Moms and Pops.

Beyond that fun stuff, nothing new here, just waiting for bball season to start for some serious RCJing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well hello

So I think it is time we get Brigid and Paul on the blog. Thats my first thought.
Secondly, I'd like to not talk about the game last night, it did NOT go well.

SO everything at school is going well, I am doing well in all of my classes and next week I get to do a flu clinic and give everyone their flu shots! So if you all want to drive up to Avila and get one, I can stick the needle in your arm..go me!

Congrats to everyone about all the awesome stuff going on. I don't have much to talk about since everyone covered all the big stuff, but I felt like I should contribute.

Rock Chalk.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

No longer blocked

Welp, the blog was blocked at my office for a while, so I stopped checking. It seems as though it's back up and running - so I'll do my best to contribute.

Congrats on painting the house, Kev. I bet it looks very nice.

Hopefully school is going well for the college/graduate kids! It's not too long before Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks!

Andrew - Congrats on passing your test...that's a great accomplishment!

Mary is coming to the Lou for T-giving, so we should have a great time giving her a tour of the city and celebrating the engagement. And, I'm sure, we'll go to a yarn store or two - unless I can convince her they are closed over the holiday :)

Dad/Mom - I hope all is going well. I'm sure having Katie at home is very nice. Keep me posted on anything and everything about Grandpa. From the last I heard, he is doing much better and in great spirits.

I look forward to seeing everyone over Christmas!


The Return of the Blog.

I am so glad that the blog is back, and that so many awesome things are happening! First and foremost, come and visit me at for all your shopping needs. I have not added much recently due to an crazy long weekend in Vegas. I did not win big, but I did not do much gambling, either. We were there for some rock and roll. We went to this event:

It was a 21st birthday celebration for this indie rock label that hosts many of my favorite bands. The headlining band - Guided by Voices - hit their prime in the mid-90's, so the average age of the nerds at the festival was about 40. I might have been the youngest person there. The lead singer for GBV is Papa K's age. The thing was three days long, and all the fans and bands were staying in the same hotel, so I got to see many of heros live and in person - and doing things like walking around the casino in their jammy pants. It was great. OH, and some dude from Jersey Shore was DJ'ing at another club at the casino, so the place was simply packed with hipsters and skanks. It was awesome.

In other news, I am thinking about getting this for the Pog for Halloween:

Ultimate poggery.

PD and I are going to visit the newly engaged couple over Thanksgiving, so that should be fun. I can't wait for some time in the Lou. Mama and Papa K are coming up here for my (30th) bday. I believe that my dear sweet husband is planning a party (to be held at Grumpy's, aka the site of Maryoke). I am heading to Grumpy's tonight to watch the Twinkies choke in the playoffs. Should be a good time.

That's all for now. KEEP BLOGGING.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots Happening in the Kellerman Family

Well the last post was back in June so I thought it was time to resurrect the Blog.

First and foremost - a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Danny and Brigid!! We are so excited for you and look forward to your wedding and all the excitement leading up to it. We are very proud and happy to have Brigid join the family! We had a great visit to St. Louis in late August.

Secondly, a big congrats go to Andrew for his new job as a clinical pharmacist at Appleton Medical Center in Appleton, WI. A really big decision but a great one as he is doing a job that he really wanted to. You can't fit a lot in a Camry so he has become a great friend of the Ashley furniture store. Mom and I are going to visit later this month and look forwad to seeing Andrew, his work and his new town -- bring on the cheese curds.

Kevin recently took the plunge and had his house painted. Our next door neighbor, Ron Green, did the honors and did a great job. Prior to painting, Kevin took off the front overhang and it looks fantastic -- it looks like a completely different house! Hey Kev, can I have my saws back? :-)

Katie is extremely quite well in her first few weeks of nursing school although it is really hard to say "go Eagles". She is acclimating to living back at home with the old folks but manages to make trips back to Lawrence to keep the fever. Good test scores so far -- be sure and ask her about the colostomy bag she got to "bring home"!

Mary and Paul continue to hold down the St. Paul deep fried neighborhood -- all without going to the state fair (go figure). Paul is on the downhill slide for his teaching degree and we wish him all the best. Mary is being enteprenurial with the opening of Pog Totes website and is truly becoming a "sewing machine". They are making a trip to St. Louis over Thanksgiving to spend time with the newly engaged.

Last but not least, congratulations to Sean for his first radio broadcast last week on KJHK, the Jayhawk radio station. He did the halftime and post game show. Mom and I were at the lake with our card group but able to listen on the internet. He really did a great job and appears to be a natural. He is hoping to get on as a play-by-play announcer with the baseball team!

Mom and I are very excited about all these great things going on in the family! Although grandpa has been sick, it is good to have him back home. He is probably going to be more feeble from now on but hopefully both he and grandma will acclimate to the new lifestyle. we took the plunge and had the last of the replacement windows in the kitchen and office replaced a couple weeks ago. Also finishing the last of the master bedroom project, which is our clothes closet. Should be a huge improvement. Looking forward to some better organization. Mom has a trip planned the middle of this month to Pascagula, MS. She is going with Kelli Reidy for a baby shower for Tim and Heather's twins.

Hope everyone has a great week...we love you all

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogggggg Action!

Glad to see some blog action! It was kinda sad there for awhile, but I guess it's just because ya'll don't have domestication activities to report on. Here is my latest:

Yub, I built that raised garden bed and filled it with stuff to grow. We'll see how it goes. I hear Katie is going to water it when she visits, so that's pretty awesome. The plants are already much bigger, and I should have a grape tomato pretty soon.

The Katie/Sean in the Twin Cities Event of 2010 should be fun. We are having a fiesta at our house in their honor on Friday, complete with La Loma food (you may remember the food from the grad party). Thursday night will be spent at the Twinkies game. Saturday, we'll just sit around I supposed. Or do something cool. Depends on my mood. No matter what, we will NOT get Jimmy John's sandwiches. No way Jose. No can do.

Beyond domestication activities, I have been working a TON. I kinda made up for it by going to a cabin for Memorial Day weekend. (In the Great North, cabin = lake house.) It was a clown show, people in and all out weekend, good times. I have not recovered, though.

PD is keeping it real as usual. His teaching is almost done for the summer, so I guess he is happy about that. I am just jealous. I need another Mexican vacation already.

Now I must return to reviewing a gazillion documents, and then I have to go get the pog to take him to his first day of pog aggression class....should be fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life in Lawrence

So, no one really posts on the blog anymore. But I'm sick and I have been sitting at home all day alone and I'm kind of bored, so I thought I would give this a try. I finished out my semester strong, my grades ended up being 3 As and 3 Bs if you include my JUCO class. I am excited to finally start nursing school, my orientation is in August, and I will be living with mom and dad again, which should be fun for all of us.
Mom is going to the lake for all of June, so I am going to go home for Memorial day and have dinner with the family before she departs. Sean and I (maybe Andrew also) are going to go down to see her on her birthday weekend, so that should be a lot of fun.
In a couple weeks Sean and I are going up to Minnesota to hang with Mary and Paul - should be fun! We are going to see the new Twins stadium which is exciting.
I just made plans with Danny to go down and spend a weekend with him and Brigid in STL. Andy and I are gonna drive down and maybe go to a Cardinals game and just hang out for a few days, so I'm excited about that also!
I'm still sick, I've been fighting a ridiculous cold for a while, but I've taken a few days off work now, so I am finally starting to feel better.

Its all of a sudden a little lonely in Lawrence. School ended so Sean left, my best friend Megan got an internship in Dallas for the summer, so she is gone but hopefully I can visit her this summer. Brit is still here (my roommate for those of you who dont know), but she works ALL THE TIME and has the opposite work schedule as me, so that is sad. And Andy has been gone for a couple days now - he went hiking in Arkansas with his roommate so we have no form of contact. Everything is moving a little slower here in Lawrence while everyone is trying to get summer kicked off and I'm trying to get over this cold. I'm still working at Old Chicago, until the end of the summer at least. I'm not going to work during my first semester at Avila because they require that you take 18 hours and I'm afraid work would jeopardize school, especially my first semester.

Anyway, that is all. Maybe some of you will read this, maybe not, but it helped with my boredom for a while.

Love you all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drake Graduation

thanks to everyone for coming to DesMoines for Andrew's Hooding ceremony. Dad and I were so very proud of all of you and we had a great time. It is always so nice to see everybody together in happy times. We treasure the time together. Dad has been out of town all week. He will be back on friday and we are going to our first concert at the Sprint Center, James Taylor and Carol King we are going with Lisa and Pat Ryan it should be alot of fun. On sunday is the shower for Megan at our house. I am going to the Lake on June 1 and am very excited for my first month long trip to the lake. Colleen and I will have fun! dad is coming down for a couple weekends so I will look forward to that. love you all, mom

Thursday, April 15, 2010


How much did you get for your trade-in? And - what kind of car is that? I've never seen anything like it before...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lotsa stuff is happening.

I am a busy, busy girl, and I need to update the blog like you would not believe.

First, here's Bruce. He's quite sad because he is naked.

I LOVE HIM. But he really wants this:

(Note the fact that it says Rock Chalk in white. That's key.)

He also wants some of those sweet car coasters and other things to generally pimp him out.

In related news, Mom won the deviled eggs competition this Easter. It was very carefully judged, although no surprises, obviously. Here are the competitors for anyone who was not there:

Next, I got to watch some of the Twin's opener in Target field from Michael Dady's office. I couldn't figure out how to zoom on my iPhone camera, so I had a much better view than this represents. It's pretty great:

Finally, operation domestication continues. After making mac and cheese and hummus from scratch the other night, I then turned these clearance table clothes and napkins that Mom found at JoAnn into curtains:

So Paul and I are going to the Twins/Royals game on Friday night. I need some Royal's gear (Katie, if you could pick me up a nice tee before you guys come down in June, I'll pay you back). For now, I will just wear my baby blue sweater. Although I might have my Believe shirt, now that I think about it...


Yep, the one and only Commissioner (aka Sean Kellerman) found this gem for me. I LOVE it. I can't wait for next Bball season so I can wear it. Or, even football.

Oh, and did you guys hear the news???



Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I agree with Danny.

Best post yet.


Katie - you should probably go eat at the Yacht Club more often. Glad to hear Lawrence is treating you well. Hopefully Coach Self can land a couple more recruits since Xavier just declared to go pro.

Tuesday's Lunch: Including Bill and Danny

So the story begins two years ago (roughly) when my father (Pappa K.) purchased a shirt for $1 which we were out at a garage sale. The shirt says "1988 National Champions: Jayhawks." On the back it reads "the hawks spread their wings when the fat lady sings." It is a phenomenal shirt. It is the shirt that the national title team was given directly after their victory in 1988.

I wore this shirt yesterday for the first time in a few months, and after my classes Brittnee and I decided to eat lunch at the Yacht Club. In walks Bill Self, and Danny Manning. I freak out, but keep my composure as I eat my cheeseburger and french fries. As we end our meal and pay for our food Brit and I get up to leave. We happen to walk right in front of the table that sits Bill and Danny. As we are walking by, Bill points to me and says "Hey, Danny, you recognize that shirt, don't ya?" Naturally, I freak out and pause in my place. Danny Manning then responds, "Yup, I think I still have it too." I laugh. I then say, "Ya, one of my best shirts" and continue to walk so as to not bother them while they eat. I then turn around and say "Rock Chalk" and both Bill Self, and Danny Manning look at me and say "Rock Chalk."

Best story ever. I fell in love.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mouse Update

One more post. As many of you know, Mouse suffered a stroke three weeks ago. She looked pretty bad when she got back from two nights in puppy ICU:

We had to teach her how to walk again. She is still working on the stairs, but overall is doing really well. We could tell that she was almost fully recovered when we came home to this:

In other words, Mouse is back in the trash.

Here's my peacock friend from El Mexico:

Phones in Toilets

I have NEVER dropped my phone in a toilet, although I have often been falsely accused of doing so. My dear sweet husband (i.e., that dude who took Butler to the final four) HAS dropped his phone in a toilet. And I have dropped mine in a glass of water. So perhaps that is from where the confusion comes?

See you KC folks on Sunday! Pretty excited. I am spending Saturday night in L-town and the Sunday-Tueseday in KC. Should be a good time, although I have to write a prehearing brief while I am there. Uggg. I go to trial in just over a month. SCARY.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long time no talk...

So obviously this is a little awkward...the Hawks didn't show up in the way that they were supposed to and I'm assuming that's why no one has "had the time" to post on the blog...we are all a little in shock still. Lawrence is a little quiet, the players walk around with their heads down and hoods up, it's pretty depressing. But hopefully next year we will have less pressure on us and we will be able to play basketball the way Kansas does it.

So I was in Florida for a week and did a lot of cool stuff. I went on a one day fun day cruise to the Bahamas and that was amazing. I went waverunner-ing (sp?) on the ocean, which I never thought I would do because I'm terrified of sharks and I actually fell off the waverunner in the middle of the water...ah! I went snorkeling in Key Largo which was also way legit. So no complaints here. I went with Andy, Megan and Matt (who work at Old Chicago) and Kyle and Brit (Andy's roommate and his girlfriend) and we had a ton of fun. Sadly, we stopped off and watched the KU game in West Palm Beach, but the grim outcome made for a quiet 24 hour car rid e home.

Mom and dad got back from dropped her phone in the toilet (sound familiar Mary?) and they said they had a lot of fun so that is good.

What are all of you up to?

Keep me posted.

I'm just getting back in the swing of school and work and its pretty tough, so I'm just doing what I can for now! Rock Chalk...and Go Royals????

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just bought a plane ticket to come home on Saturday, April 3. My visit goes through Tuesday, April 6, "just in case." Can't wait to see you all! And I would like to see this again, too:


Who's that crazy mofo lurking in the background?

Rock Chalk!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi all, RCJ.

Well hello, I shall continue to blog and hope that someone out there is reading this...lot going on in Minnesota.

1. The dog.

The biggest thing this past week has been Mousey. She had a stroke on Tuesday. I will not even get into the details, but it was a rough week. She was in doggie ICU for two nights. When we brought her home, she could not walk or stand up at all. We did a lot of doggie physical therapy this week, and now she is walking around the backyard by herself! She is even correcting herself when she starts to wobble. Stairs are still an issue, but we are working on it. She can get up and down the deck stairs with help. I doubt she will ever be able to do the basement stairs. She has a giant dog bed constructed of multiple dog beds in our family room. We think she might be partially blind, which is sad, but dogs are good adapters. She has her jayhawk blanket close by at all times...which leads me to...

2. The 'Hawks. Unstoppable. Not much else to say. Glad I'm not a K-State fan. That would be rough. Glad that our first round is in the evening so I can watch it with full concentration. But why did they put both team that beat us this year AND the team that beat us in the tourney last year all in our region? Rough. I am taking Baylor to the final four, don't steal my pick. Brackets will be in the mail to the Commissioner tomorrow. I got PD a hat so that he will be sporting 'hawks gear constantly in...

3. Mexico. We are gointg on Saturday, despite the doggie stroke. I am so excited. Don't miss me too much. I am also prepared to figure out how to watch the Saturday game, assuming all goes as planned on Thursday. Being in a foreign country will not stop me because I am like the 'hawks. Unstoppable. I shall drink fruity drinks and get a tan, it will be great.

And now, my first round upset pick...I think I will go with Wofford, because their mascot is the Terrier. Woff woof! Hahahaha.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Tis the Season of RCJ

Well, as I commented on Sean's post, work was done on Saturday in Columbia. Just a standard KU/MU matchup. I was sad because we missed almost the entire first 1/2 due to the Villanova game going into overtime and people apparently caring about that. So I had the gamecast on my phone, and the score looked close...I was nervous. CBS kindly took us to KU/MU at about the 3 minute mark...and we watched Kansas score 16 and missouri score nothing. Amazing. Then, for the last two minutes of the game, PD was going wild, cheering for us to win by 20 or more. It was great. He is becoming more and more of a fan each day (even though he won't admit it to Kellermans - he is always telling other people how he is a "true fan" now). I am going to order him a Kansas hat to wear in Mexico.

Speaking of, I am going to miss at least two tournament games, which makes me sad. Hope for the Friday/Sunday draw for the regionals for my sake.

Not much going on up here. The thaw has been happening for about two weeks...and there is still snow, gross, dirty snow, all over the place. It's taking a real long time this year. But spring came early, and it should be a nice one. Paul is doing everything to finish up school and prepare for graduation, which will be happening in December after he student teaches this fall. I am just doing law stuff. Pretty boring, and being domesticated in general. I am working on getting C. Brown into a dog agression class so he can learn to be social with other dogs and not a vicious beast.

I just received the conference room w/ the TV here in the office for 11:30 - 1:30 on Thursday. RCJ.

Hope to here from ya'll soon.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big 12 Brackets / Update coming soon hopefully

Hello all,

Its been quite a while since I've posted, and hopefully I'll be able to post an update on my current happenings soon (had a GREAT birthday!!! and and AWESOME senior night!!!)

I figured it appropriate to post now since MARCH MADNESS IS UPON US. THAT'S RIGHT.

I'll be e-mailing the bracket out soon to everyone, as soon as the seeds are officially set.

Oh, the Hawks are the Number 1 seed, by the way.

Let's take it one game at a time, and we got Missouri tomorrow. Let's make it yet another W over them. I'll be watching it in the greatest town ever. Let's do some work.

Rock Chalk,

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi all, checking from Minnesota. Sounds like everyone out there is pretty much keeping it real. I am jealous of trips to Joann's. I am back on operation domestication, and I made myself a skirt. It's pretty awesome. Sewing is fun! Get your orders for tote bags for Xmas presents in now, cuz I have a lot of them!

Roundball is really getting into the 'hawks this year, I love it. We are planning on a few more trips to Tiff's yet. Sad that I lost the drawing for the trip to Kansas for the game this weekend, but oh well. Better luck next year.

Congrats to all on interviews, etc. Keep us up to date. Andrew seems to be doing a tour of all the hotspots of the midwest...Des Moines...Omaha...what's next, Columbia? Haha.

I work with a Duke fan. It's rough. He's a trash talker. We have found common ground on our hate for UNC, so that's good.

Anyway, life is pretty boring here. Work, knit, sleep, dogs, etc. I think I am going to have a couple of trials this spring, so that is kinda crazy. But yeah. As Sean would say, Rock Chalk Title 2010.

p.s. Another dude that I work with says being a Kansas basketball fan is like being a Yankees fan. Can I get some arguments to rebut that accusation, please?

Monday, February 15, 2010


sorry it has been so long since i have posted! i did just read all the posts and really enjoy them. somehow time seems to fly by. Dad and i are doing great. we had a wonderful trip to Florida even though Mr. VP had to work. I guess he will continue that working so he can continue to have that cool title. I did get to go to the spa with Julie for a couple days and that was very nice. we had several nice dinners and did go to the beach even though we had to wear our hoodies and it was still cold. Dad has been home for awhile and it has been so nice having dinner together. we went with Catherine and Milton this past friday for dinner, it was nice we listened alot! we also took grandma and grandpa out last week they have not been out much so they really enjoyed our dinner on the plaza. Dad goes to NO on tuesday. i am going to dinner at colleen's Laura is leaving for Australia to sutdy, hmmmmm! oh well you will all get those trips of a lifetime and won't have to study which will be much more fun. Katie came in for her interview on Friday at Avila and was very excited. She said it went great, i am so glad for her. we went to lunch and to Joann fabrics, I know you are all jealous you missed out on that trip to the fabric store but i am making some pillows and a bed spread for our new bedroom which by the way looks awesome. we are almost finished, it has been alot of work but well worth the effort. We are looking into getting new floors in our room and my bathroom. that would be our last big investment in this house I think.I have enjoyed watching the KU games with Dad, Joe and Caroline at least the Saturday night games when i babysit. I am working my hours at the learning tree and still babysitting it keeps me pretty busy. I really enjoy my mornings at home and sleeping in. I love you all and glad to hear from everyone, love Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The snow

prevented me from going to my second and third days of rotation this block. Fortunately, I was able to spend those days playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Kevin knows the addiction). I also was able to get some hours logged on the new Super Mario for Wii. As an advocate of the classics, I would say this one definitely does it justice and is worth the purchase for rich lawyer sisters to buy their siblings.

So I am back in Des Moines now, but not for long. I leave tomorrow for Omaha. I have a residency interview at Creighton University Medical Center. Hopefully they like me, and I like them. I interviewed last Thursday at St. Luke's on the plaza, and I think it went really well. Hopefully, they did as well. Those are my only two interviews for residencies unfortunately so keep your fingers crossed. I will find out which (if either) that I get on March 15th I believe.

I thought I would share what I used the christmas gift card for: these baller Drake sweatpants that I am wearing.

I'll be back in KC just in time for the madness that will be March, hopefully including the Big 12 tourney. Rock Chalk. Oh, I went to Lawrence for the KU-MU game which was awesome. And finally, I just saw on ESPN a video called Knight Watch: Aldrich: watch it.


is buying Brigid a digital camera for her birthday. He said this would be a great idea because she would be able to take pictures of him laying around the pool (in the summer) - and then she will send them to the family. All he needs now is to get shaved since his winter coat has become insanely thick.

Glad to hear Mary and Katie are doing well. It's obviously cold everywhere that Kellerman's reside - maybe someone should move to FL or CA? Just a thought.

The Jayhawks are rocking and chalking all over college basketball nowadays. If Marcus Morris can keep up his pace, I don't think anyone will be able to beat us this year. I really don't care if we lose once in conference play and even once in the Big 12 tourney. Sometimes it's better to get a bad game out of the way (Tenn.) and press on afterwards. Rock Chalk!

Not much going on in STL. Mardis Gras is this weekend. I think Brig and I are going to lay low - maybe dinner on Friday and watch the KU game Saturday. Her bday is Monday, so I'm going to take a half day vacation. I don't get much, so hopefully we can find something fun to do. It's her big 3-0, so I'm throwing a party on the 20th - which is actually being held at her friend, Meghan's house. We're going to get some Black Thorn pizza (the best in STL) and some drinks/desserts, so it should be a good time - at least I hope it will be.

Otherwise, not much going on. I'm busy at work and am contemplating starting grad classes up again. If not, I'm going to study to become a teacher through ABCTE - read up on it www. It's only offered in 9 states - and MO happens to be one of them - I imagine because of the almost non-existent public schools.

Hopefully everyone else is doing well. I talked to Andrew this past weekend, and he informed me that Michael is trying to run the tournament pool this year. Dear God. Sean, please don't let that happen - I know you won't.

Everyone stay warm. Bob and Hampton say hello.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm here, don't worry!

Well, I do like the new look of the blog, very classy. You're lacking of capital letters is a little weird, so we should start typing like normal people again - I wondered to myself how many times in those posts you actually used capital letters and had to go back and make them little letters again. :)

So, anyway, the big game is tomorrow and that is exciting - I know the hawks won't disappoint in Austin. Just as they have yet to disappoint in a while. Sherron is just unstoppable, and don't you forget it. The superbowl is going to start any moment now, and I really don't care. To be honest, I only ever watch the superbowl for the commercials! (Real Men of Genius, anyone?)

Everything in Lawrence is going well, school is getting tougher as the days go on, but I think I am doing well in all of my classes. I am working pretty much all weekend every weekend so at least it is keeping me on my toes. BIG NEWS for everyone, I have my first nursing school interview on Friday at Avila, so everyone wish me luck, PLEASE! I am very excited because Avila is where I mainly want to get into, so send happy thoughts!

We are supposed to get 8, ya I said it, 8 inches of snow in the next couple days, so that is NOT cool. I like snow and all, but not when it gets in my way, I mean, it just all melted, I wasn't prepared for this.

Well, I will do my best to post more on the blog - I hope this gave you all who read a little insight to the life of me (as exciting as it is!).

Keep Brett's sister and family in your prayers!

Love you all - we are lucky to all be in good health!

Have a FABULOUS week!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

approach no. 2.

because i have not yet had a reaction to my strike on capital letters, i am now taking another approach to blogging. i will blog everyday that i can with worthless information! hahahahaha!

for example, everyone's excited for the big game tomorrow, right? by the "big game," i mean the puppy bowl. pd, mouse, charlie brown and i are going to get ourselves some beggin' strips and cozy up on the couch for this one.

here's the starting lineup:

today i am at work. it sucks, because, as you may have noticed, today is saturday. oh well. i am totally swamped these days.

however, tonight i have girl's night. i am excited. we are going to a restaurant/bar in lowertown st. paul for dinner/drinks/dancing. i have new cowgirl boots that i am going to wear. it's going to be great.

i am going to work until 3, go to the gym, and then get home and be showered in time for a 5:00 tip off.

snow storm a-coming as well, starting tomorrow afternoon and going through tuesday. ten inches or so. fyi, we have a massive amount of snow on the ground because it just keeps falling and never melts. it sucks. and i am a little afraid that this storm is going to mess with my plan to be at tiff's for the big game on monday. i sure hope not.

signing off for now...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

as sean would say, this was pretty neat, because sherron does work.

well, that was a little much.

hi all. i am now refusing to use capital letters until someone else posts. pretty cool, right? last night was a little much. i was not prepared for ot against colorado, or as my colorado alum coworker calls them, the buffs. luckily, we are still 41-1 vs. colorado over the last 42 years, so that is good.

old man descombaz said he would start posting on the blog soon. we'll see if that happens. i was telling him how i was sad about not hearing from anyone for awhile.

so year, brent favor messed things up for the vikes. we watched that whole game too. so sad. but i am happy that new orleans is in the superbowl and will be cheering for them.

friday night lights is an awesome show. has anyone else watched it? that's what we generally do, come home from work, go to the gym, watch some friday night lights. it's cold and snowy and there is not much else to do.

we had an earthquake relief fundraiser dance party and raised $826.25. the $1.25 was from my nephew jackson. it was pretty awesome overall.

i am going to girl's night on saturday after the nebraska game. the in-laws came to tiff's for the k-state game and loved it. i have some friends who are going to join me at tiff's on monday, so that should be good. i am entering a contest to win a trip to kc to go to the ku/ou game. you get one entry for every five boulevards you drink. i have yet to get an entry, and the drawing is the 13th, so i better get on it. need at least one ticket in the mix, right?

well that is all for now. i have just been working a ton and cursing the snow.

love you all.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts Re: This Year in the Big 12.

That K-State coach has the oddest hairline I have ever seen.
How is Baylor actually ranked?
Why do I keep finding myself cheering for K-State?
It's about a million times easier to watch Missouri games now that Quinn Snyder is gone, but, at the same time, far less entertaining.
Sherron Collins is pretty much a baller.
I wish that I was Sean so I could go to the game on Monday.
Iowa State will never scare me.
I guarantee you that, should you be challenged upon your ability to name all teams in the Big 12 North, the one that you won't be able to remember will be Colorado.
All teams from Texas scare me.
Bobby Knight is not good at play by play.
Make your free throws.

That's all for now.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, we are loving the heat wave up here. It crept up into the 20's a couple of days ago, and today it's supposed to hit 30. The dogs should be glad, because they will finally get a walk today. Of course, everytime it warms up, it eventually snows a bunch more, so let's hope that does not happen again soon. We still have PLENTY of snow on the ground - enough that I am sure it will be around until mid-March.

Anyone interested in coming for a Twinkies/Royals game in the new outdoor stadium this summer? If so, let me know, and we can start an email chain to figure out when so I can start working on getting tickets.

I hope everyone is keep the people in Haiti in mind. We gave some money to relief efforts today, and will probably give more next paycheck. The pictures are just horrifying.

On a lighter note, PD and I are going on something of a second honeymoon, and I am really excited. We decided that we wantd a bit of a beach vacation to balance out our honeymoon in NYC, so we are going to Puerto Vallarta in March. I am SOOOOO excited. I think it's going to be awesome. We are staying a pretty nice place. You can check it out and get jealous here:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

7 Degrees is Now Considered Hot...

SO - the cold weather is kicking my a$$. There is currently a large downfall of snow covering the Lawrence sky. Its really really pretty, but I'm getting sick of the -4 degree weather.

For some warmer news, I made spring break plans to go with 6 of my friends to Miami! That will be fun! I am super excited! My first spring break as a legal 21 year old.

Sean came up to L-town and we wen shopping and had lunch! I have started a new health kick to get into gear for the spring break season. I have been eating nothing but healthy food and I have been doing about an hour of cardio every other day, hopefully moving into every day in the next week or so.

The hawks are dominant as always - I smell a championship rapidly approaching!

I really had a lot of fun with all of you around the holiday season. It will be sad not seeing all 9 of us together for a while! Maybe at aunt Jan and uncle Joel's nuptuals?? :) HAHA

Well, I have spent some of gift card on the following -
1) matching Vera Bradley wallet
2) Jayhawk sweatpants
3) Jayhawk t-shirt
4) new swim suit for spring break
...and still money to spare! So thank you mom and dad!

Well, I love you all, I hope that back to work isn't as dreadful as it sounds! School starts on the 14th! So wish us luck haha!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zero Degrees Sounds Balmy.

Well all, hope you are enjoying the Artic Blast. The last two mornings of -15 have been miserable. It's going to warm up to 6 the next couple of days, but of course that means it will snow on top of the ice covered roads...and then highs below zero again. Why did I move here? Horrifying.

In other news...back to the daily grind, post-holidays. While I was initially sad about the end of the holiday season, I recovered from my grief once I realized that January = start of Big 12 play. I have already made plans for the Texas game on Feb. 8. I feel like it might be intense, so I will have to go to Tiff's to be with my people.

PD has started saying "clutch" all the time after a week with the Kellermans. It's kinda funny.

Yeah so as you can tell, my life is boring. Back to that law.

OH YEAH I assume that you all got my new number. Had to switch to AT&T and they could not transfer the Kansas area code. Bye bye Verizon, hello iPhone!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hawks on Fire

Well the hawks finally played a ranked team and beat the cr$% out of them today. I think they have been playing down to the competition up to now. It was really good to see them finally play like we know they can. So by now you all know that I was promoted to a VP! A whole lot of the credit goes to mom as she is the one who has to be at home and run the house when I am traveling all over Timbuctoo. I anticipate that this will be another very busy year but look forward to the challenges. For the first time in 95 years, HNTB passed the $1,000,000,000 mark for sales! This is a huge accomplishment but we also have a future goal of $2,000,000,000 by the year 2014.

Now that most of the hustle bustle of the holidays are over, we are starting work on our bedroom -- new paint, remodel closets, maybe new carpet, etc. Hope everyne gets to buy something you really wanted for Christmas with your gift cards. Let us know what you get when you finally make a decision. I'll try to do better about blogging this year promises as we are usually busy, busy, busy....

Love you all...Dad