Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogggggg Action!

Glad to see some blog action! It was kinda sad there for awhile, but I guess it's just because ya'll don't have domestication activities to report on. Here is my latest:

Yub, I built that raised garden bed and filled it with stuff to grow. We'll see how it goes. I hear Katie is going to water it when she visits, so that's pretty awesome. The plants are already much bigger, and I should have a grape tomato pretty soon.

The Katie/Sean in the Twin Cities Event of 2010 should be fun. We are having a fiesta at our house in their honor on Friday, complete with La Loma food (you may remember the food from the grad party). Thursday night will be spent at the Twinkies game. Saturday, we'll just sit around I supposed. Or do something cool. Depends on my mood. No matter what, we will NOT get Jimmy John's sandwiches. No way Jose. No can do.

Beyond domestication activities, I have been working a TON. I kinda made up for it by going to a cabin for Memorial Day weekend. (In the Great North, cabin = lake house.) It was a clown show, people in and all out weekend, good times. I have not recovered, though.

PD is keeping it real as usual. His teaching is almost done for the summer, so I guess he is happy about that. I am just jealous. I need another Mexican vacation already.

Now I must return to reviewing a gazillion documents, and then I have to go get the pog to take him to his first day of pog aggression class....should be fun!

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