Tuesday, October 27, 2009


By the way -

How have none of my brothers or my sister posted about the embarrassing performance of Todd Reesing this past weekend?

Busy Week

So, this week is going to be one of the hardest that I've had in a while. I missed the last couple days of school last week because of my illness, so I'm attempting to catch up with everything now. Sean came over tonight and we went to Chipotle and hung out for a while - by that, I mean we literally sat on the couch and did homework for 3 hours. I'm still doing homework, Sean went home though. This week I have:
-Two chapters of Child Development due with matching, study questions, journals, and multiple choice questions.
-A dichotomous key for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
-A multiple page microbiology formal lab write-up.
-A make-up fishbowl for my ethics class.
-Make-up a microbiology lab.
-A microbiology lab test on Thursday.
-Work on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

That is all I can remember for now, but it is a busy one. I hope you are all having good weeks, on the up-side, I'm feeling much better, and obviously back to school.
Oh well, that's what school is! Work, work, work!

Love you all,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pigs like to Party

So, I went to the doctor today after being sick for a while, and I expected them to say that I have bronchitis, but apparently I have either a bad sinus infection, or an "H1N1 infection." Because apparently some people just get the cold part of the swine flu. Either way, I haven't had a fever this whole time, so thats good.

I've been doing a lot of sitting around, its getting kind of boring. The Hawks put up a sad fight today, it was tough to watch, but I watched it anyway. We'll get them next time...hopefully.

Anyway, I'm only writing this because Mary told me to, but there really isn't that much going on, so I wont make you guys read anymore.

Love ya,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flu Shots

Great work Katie and Sean, I am still working on mom and dad to get their flu shots especially because it is indicated by the CDC for the following reasons: Anyone who wants to prevent the spread of the flu to friends and family... If that doesn't get you then it is also indicated for anyone over 50, as well as anyone who smokes especially since they are at higher risk of it developing into a serious pneumonia. Anyways to update everyone, today we had new guys in the CVICU today. This one had to have half of his lungs removed because he got lung cancer from smoking. Yes, lung removal fits into open heart surgery because they have to crack open your chest and, man, do those wounds look painful when they have them stapled back up. Just thought I would update everyone... no underlying thoughts here or anything. Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. They saw through the bone.

Sorry, Sean.

"Country Hits to Check Out" does not qualify as a post. It would be like if I wrote a post called "Why the Vikings are Better than the Chefs." It would not count as a post. However, your two other posts were quite legitimate and appreciated, by myself and the Princess at least, I don't know if anyone else reads the blog.

Charlie Brown says hi. He ripped his dewclaw so he's been kind of a sad pup, but he'll snap out of it. He just got a really awesome new dog bed for costco (DK - they have awesome ones there for $20. They are indestructible. You just need to make friends with someone with a Costco card).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keepin' the Blog Alive...

So it's been a busy week here in Lawrence, well, not really. Fall break is over and it is back to school until Thanksgiving. Ugh. Everyone is getting sick, I got my flu shot today, but Andy had the flu this weekend and Brittnee had it a couple weeks ago, so I am taking Airbourne 3 times a day and my multi vitamins and hoping I can avoid it.

Mary - I think that a Jayhawk would be the only acceptable costume for said party.

I don't really have much going on, I just thought I'd write a little bit since no one else does (with the exception of Mrs. DesCombaz).

Well, off to class.

Canada likes to party.

So, I am back from Canada as of Saturday afternoon, which is a good thing because someone needs to keep this little blog running, right? Canada sure did like to party, as do franchise lawyers. I was pretty sick of being surrounded by 700 franchise lawyers by the third day of it, but oh well. I did not have to pay for a single drink all week, so that was cool.

On Saturday we went to a wedding that was not nearly as good as mine. No surprise, I am sure. We left at about 9:30, as I need more recovery from the Toronto trip. (FYI, no fishing in Toronto, but it is an awesome city and I want to go back).

Now, life goes on in fear of the snow. Things are relatively quiet for the next few weeks, which is good, as I am swamped at work. PD is busy with school and work. We need to get a mini fridge and cable back pronto, aka before basketball season starts. Very important. We are going to see Norm MacDonald do stand up on Saturday, and that is about all we have going on. We are going to a Halloween party and I need a costume idea, suggestions are welcome.

Hope all is well in the lower midwest. Check in on the Blog. Come on, Kevie, I am waiting....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild At Heart

(See previous 2 posts)

So besides listening to country music and getting pumped for basketball season, I wanted to give everyone somewhat of an update on what else going on with me.

First of all, yes, Mary, the hawks are good at football too.

We're ranked in the top 20, but have not been playing up to that standard recently. Yes, we're 5-0 (1-0 in Big 12), one of only 6 undefeated teams in the nation, but our defense gave up 36 points and 500 yards to an Iowa State team that went 2-10(0-8 in Big 12) last season. Ouch. Anyway, we have Colorado on Saturday in Boulder, at 6:00 on ESPN, I believe. I'll be going on ahead and watching that. Unless our defense steps it up, it'll be tough to get past Colorado, let alone Oklahoma on the 24th in Lawrence. We'll step it up though.

Anyway, life is good. I'm getting used to not having any money/trying to not spend it all, though it does suck sometimes. Today is the first official day of Fall Break, as I'm free for a few days since my classes ended at 3. Like KT said, we've been going out and having dinner together once in a while... and/or I'll go over there and do homework/laundry.

We'll be going home for JP's Mass tomorrow t 4:00. I have a list of things I want to accomplish while home, such as getting some money from the bank so I can buy some clothes, bringing some warm clothes (high has been around 45-50 in L-town this whole past week), and of course seeing mom and dad, who I obviously miss a lot. It'll be good to spend some time with them. Then they take off, as I think they're going to the Lake on Friday morning??? Not sure.

Kate came to L-town last weekend, and we celebrated our 6 months of going out. I got her some Kappa Alpha Theta gear (refrigerator magnets, traveler's coffee mug, bulletin board) and a framed picture of us. It was my favorite weekend in L-town so far, obviously, as I was able to have Kate and all my friends in the room at the same time. I've met a lot of friends at KU, and I've been having a lot of fun overall.

My classes are tough obviously, especially Spanish and Biology, but I think I actually have an A in Spanish and a B in Bio, so I'm doing well.

Highlights of last weekend include Kate giving me a CD of a bunch of country songs that I and her both love, and she ordered them in a really thoughtful way. Most of you know about my encounter with one of the Kansas Men's Basketball players, Sherron Collins, in the concourses of the KU/Duke football game. I went on ahead and got a picture with him, before proceeding to get one with T-Baby Taylor and Tyrel Reed also. If your not familiar, you should totally check out the pictures on Facebook. Anyway, I bring it up because I can't get the guy (Sherron) away from me. Kate and I went to Longhorn for dinner on Saturday night, and he decided to also go ahead and go to Longhorn that night, at PRECISELY the time that I go, and conveniently find a spot right next to us. I mean, I don't blame the guy, but if he wants my autograph or something, he just needs to ask.

So anyway, the weekend was great with Kate, I already miss her and now, with the exception of tomorrow, I'll be chilling in the dorms over Fall Break. Almost everyone on my floor is going home for the weekend, but one of my good friends Meaghan, and another of my friends, Gabrielle, should be around this weekend, so I'm sure we'll find stuff to do.

Hawks on Saturday! 6 P.M. ESPN.

Rock Chalk and I'm excited to see you all soon.

Late Night in the Phreakin' Phog

(See previous post)

Just wanted to go on ahead and remind everyone that Friday is Late Night, the first official step in Rock Chalk Championship 2010.

Faces that will be seen will include some of the following Men's Basketball Players for the University of Kansas:
  • G Sherron (Can't get away from Sean) Collins
  • G Tyshawn (T-Baby) Taylor
  • C Cole (I eat Hansbrough) Aldrich
Accompanying those three semi-decent players of basketball include the following freshmen:
  • G Elijah (Dr. E.) Johnson
  • F Xavier (X) Henry (That's Zah-Vee-Ay)
  • F Thomas (The Next DJ) Robinson
You also have the following returning players:
  • Marcus Morris
  • Markieff Morris
  • Travis Releford
  • Mario Little
Among others.

The Coach of the basketball Jayhawks is the following:
  • Bill Self
So anyway, we're going to win the title, and Friday will be Step 1.

Country Hits to Check Out

Here's some New Country Hits for Everyone to Check Out (Purchase/Youtube)
  • "Do I" by Luke Bryan
  • "History in the Making" by Darius Rucker
  • "Toes" by Zac Brown Band
  • "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift
  • "Only You Can Love Me This Way" by Keith Urban
  • "Big Green Tractor" by Jason Aldean
  • "Why" by Rascal Flatts
  • "Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood
  • "I'm Alive" by Kenny Chesney Feat. Dave Matthews

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One more thing.

Is perhaps the reason that Danny is now refusing to blog the fact that the Rammies got stomped by Mr. Favre and the Vikes?

Responses to Katie's Blog.

I will address as many topics as I can remember.

I am leaving for Ca-nah-dee-ah in a couple of hours. Flying to Toronto. I will not be fishing; I will be learning about franchise law and schmoozing (over free booze, otherwise known as boozing) with other franchise lawyer types. I will NOT be allowed to use my Crackberry and will therefore go through withdraw. If you need me, efax (read: email) or facebook me. The pog and pd are going to miss me very much. I will be at the the Westin Harbour Castle, which is a fancy hotel for people who are kind of a big deal (like myself).

Katie, I want another pair of sweat pants, no elastic at the bottom, prob. XL, what's the discount? Maybe pick some up for me and I will pay you back? Also, can you still find National Championship gear? I do not have a shirt that I am happy with. Otherwise, the DesCombaz household is sitting pretty with the necessary gear for the upcoming season.

Sean, I hope you cheered for Nebraska in the game last Thursday. I am afraid that your precious little lady friend might taint you.

Whoever's name I get better like knitted goods, ahahahahahaha.

Also, is PD part of the xmas name drawing now? I mean, ya'll were drunkenly calling him brother at the wedding...I think that he should be in.

C. Brown can't wait to see you all at Xmas.


Alright folks, have you all given up on the blog?? I quite enjoy the blog, it is saddening to know that I have no idea what you all are doing.

Mary is going to Canada?
-She didn't blog that

I want to get a Crackberry.
-Thoughts on this matter?

In my Microbiology class I took a quiz on Friday, midterm on Monday, and lab quiz today.
-What is the world coming to?

Midterms are almost over, I am going home with Sean on Thursday for John Powell's service.
-Shoot Megan and/or Lakin a text and/or facebook message on that day.

The Hawks scored a bunch of touchdowns during the last game, so I am heading from my Child Development class to the bookstore to look at what I can get for a good price which it's hot. If I see anything that any of you will like for Christmas, I will buy it and strategically get your name in the drawing. :)

Well, I'm off. Have a wonderful week you non-bloggers, you.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a Quick Post

To let you all know that we officially have our first snow, should be adding up to 2-4 inches by the end of the day.

P.s. If anyone is looking to get me a bday present, I need new snow boots.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kate and I like to Party.

I'm like 7 or 8 posts behind in the Blog (haven't had time to read the girls' nonsense), but I thought you all would enjoy this:


Thursday, October 8, 2009

No. 16 likes to Party???

No worries, DK, Brent is not my fav Vikings player. After watching the game on Monday night (aka my first as a Vikings fan), I have settled on Jared Allen as my fav Vike. Why, you ask? Well, it's simple: because he's a big fat white guy who had a bazillion sacks, he used to be a chef, and, most importantly, he sports the "Wisconsin Waterfall" haircut (a look that I recommend for Kevie). I am looking for a picture to post.

By the way, speaking of my new alligence to Minnesota sports (which extends to only professional sports and not college sports), how 'bout that Twinkies game on Tuesday? So much fun to watch. Hope they can pull it out against the Yankees.

Ok, but I have been out of the loop for Kansas football, being that we have not gotten any games on TV up here, but I just checked the standings and was amazed to see that we are No. 16. So awesome! And, Mama & Papa K will be making the trip up to Minnesota on November 14th to watch us take on Nebraska at Tiff's. Good stuff.

I refuse to post...

Until Mary stops cheering for the Vikings. Brett Favre is a disgrace to football and humankind. I hope someone tears his labrum (that would be in the shoulder) and he has to go through intese rehab and is never able to throw a football again. Sorry to sound mean, but pre-madonna's are the worst thing in sports. (see Chase Daniel).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegas.... Not again?!

So since Mary is bugging us all, I will give a quick update on what I have been doing that is preventing me from blogging: Reading all the other blogs. No, but really, I have been super busy at the hospital. I just finished a project in which I gave a 25 minute presentation to about 20 pharmacists who are way smarter than me but it went really well. Now, I have started my second rotation in the CardioVascular ICU. In two days I have seen a bronchoscopy and TEE. Feel free to wikipedia those.

The chiefs of course have been somewhat disappointing but I am optimistic we will get a dub-ya in the next 5 weeks if not more than one. Just to keep everyone informed, I am currently dominating the family fantasy football league known as The Doodles League. After I take care of uncle Matt this weekend, I will still be the only undefeated team.

Katie and Sean have been in town once or twice each sine I've been around so it was nice to see them. I got to see Kevin at the royals game last weekend for their last home series. Other than that, I am basically learning all I can each day as I push towards graduation in May.

Oh yea, the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists has a yearly meeting that displays all the residencies for the following year. I just booked a hotel and registered for it. Just need to get my flight.... to Vegas... I mean its not my fault they are having it there. Treasure Island will be a nice place to stay considering last time I went I stayed at the Imperial Palace.

I will in fact be back for Thanksgiving considering the KU-MU game is the following saturday. Hope to see everyone then, if not before.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Apparently, Only Mary and Katie Like to Party.

The level of blog participation recently is subpar. Pick it up, people. Sorry, gotta make this one short as I need to get back to (1) drafting this complaint; and (2) bugging Sean and Kate on facebook.

But FYI, it went from highs in the 80's here to highs in the LOW 50's (if that) in about one day, we got no 60 degree days, we need to turn on the heat because it gets to freezing a night already, but we haven't even got the window units out. Sadness.

BIG GAME tonight for us Northerners/Vikings fans. Rock Chalk Brent Favor!

Big game for the Twinkies tomorrow, thanks to the Royals not-so-stellar performance in the dome this weekend. Go Twinkies!

I can't believe that all my Go Vikings comments have failed to result in a post from Kevie. Sadness. Maybe I am losing my ability to bug people?