Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Responses to Katie's Blog.

I will address as many topics as I can remember.

I am leaving for Ca-nah-dee-ah in a couple of hours. Flying to Toronto. I will not be fishing; I will be learning about franchise law and schmoozing (over free booze, otherwise known as boozing) with other franchise lawyer types. I will NOT be allowed to use my Crackberry and will therefore go through withdraw. If you need me, efax (read: email) or facebook me. The pog and pd are going to miss me very much. I will be at the the Westin Harbour Castle, which is a fancy hotel for people who are kind of a big deal (like myself).

Katie, I want another pair of sweat pants, no elastic at the bottom, prob. XL, what's the discount? Maybe pick some up for me and I will pay you back? Also, can you still find National Championship gear? I do not have a shirt that I am happy with. Otherwise, the DesCombaz household is sitting pretty with the necessary gear for the upcoming season.

Sean, I hope you cheered for Nebraska in the game last Thursday. I am afraid that your precious little lady friend might taint you.

Whoever's name I get better like knitted goods, ahahahahahaha.

Also, is PD part of the xmas name drawing now? I mean, ya'll were drunkenly calling him brother at the wedding...I think that he should be in.

C. Brown can't wait to see you all at Xmas.

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