Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegas.... Not again?!

So since Mary is bugging us all, I will give a quick update on what I have been doing that is preventing me from blogging: Reading all the other blogs. No, but really, I have been super busy at the hospital. I just finished a project in which I gave a 25 minute presentation to about 20 pharmacists who are way smarter than me but it went really well. Now, I have started my second rotation in the CardioVascular ICU. In two days I have seen a bronchoscopy and TEE. Feel free to wikipedia those.

The chiefs of course have been somewhat disappointing but I am optimistic we will get a dub-ya in the next 5 weeks if not more than one. Just to keep everyone informed, I am currently dominating the family fantasy football league known as The Doodles League. After I take care of uncle Matt this weekend, I will still be the only undefeated team.

Katie and Sean have been in town once or twice each sine I've been around so it was nice to see them. I got to see Kevin at the royals game last weekend for their last home series. Other than that, I am basically learning all I can each day as I push towards graduation in May.

Oh yea, the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists has a yearly meeting that displays all the residencies for the following year. I just booked a hotel and registered for it. Just need to get my flight.... to Vegas... I mean its not my fault they are having it there. Treasure Island will be a nice place to stay considering last time I went I stayed at the Imperial Palace.

I will in fact be back for Thanksgiving considering the KU-MU game is the following saturday. Hope to see everyone then, if not before.



  1. Please note: all 4 Kellerman's are in the Top-5 of the Doodles league...

  2. Who's number 5? And who has Jared Allen? Baller.


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