Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Alright folks, have you all given up on the blog?? I quite enjoy the blog, it is saddening to know that I have no idea what you all are doing.

Mary is going to Canada?
-She didn't blog that

I want to get a Crackberry.
-Thoughts on this matter?

In my Microbiology class I took a quiz on Friday, midterm on Monday, and lab quiz today.
-What is the world coming to?

Midterms are almost over, I am going home with Sean on Thursday for John Powell's service.
-Shoot Megan and/or Lakin a text and/or facebook message on that day.

The Hawks scored a bunch of touchdowns during the last game, so I am heading from my Child Development class to the bookstore to look at what I can get for a good price which it's hot. If I see anything that any of you will like for Christmas, I will buy it and strategically get your name in the drawing. :)

Well, I'm off. Have a wonderful week you non-bloggers, you.

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