Monday, October 5, 2009

Apparently, Only Mary and Katie Like to Party.

The level of blog participation recently is subpar. Pick it up, people. Sorry, gotta make this one short as I need to get back to (1) drafting this complaint; and (2) bugging Sean and Kate on facebook.

But FYI, it went from highs in the 80's here to highs in the LOW 50's (if that) in about one day, we got no 60 degree days, we need to turn on the heat because it gets to freezing a night already, but we haven't even got the window units out. Sadness.

BIG GAME tonight for us Northerners/Vikings fans. Rock Chalk Brent Favor!

Big game for the Twinkies tomorrow, thanks to the Royals not-so-stellar performance in the dome this weekend. Go Twinkies!

I can't believe that all my Go Vikings comments have failed to result in a post from Kevie. Sadness. Maybe I am losing my ability to bug people?

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