Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wild At Heart

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So besides listening to country music and getting pumped for basketball season, I wanted to give everyone somewhat of an update on what else going on with me.

First of all, yes, Mary, the hawks are good at football too.

We're ranked in the top 20, but have not been playing up to that standard recently. Yes, we're 5-0 (1-0 in Big 12), one of only 6 undefeated teams in the nation, but our defense gave up 36 points and 500 yards to an Iowa State team that went 2-10(0-8 in Big 12) last season. Ouch. Anyway, we have Colorado on Saturday in Boulder, at 6:00 on ESPN, I believe. I'll be going on ahead and watching that. Unless our defense steps it up, it'll be tough to get past Colorado, let alone Oklahoma on the 24th in Lawrence. We'll step it up though.

Anyway, life is good. I'm getting used to not having any money/trying to not spend it all, though it does suck sometimes. Today is the first official day of Fall Break, as I'm free for a few days since my classes ended at 3. Like KT said, we've been going out and having dinner together once in a while... and/or I'll go over there and do homework/laundry.

We'll be going home for JP's Mass tomorrow t 4:00. I have a list of things I want to accomplish while home, such as getting some money from the bank so I can buy some clothes, bringing some warm clothes (high has been around 45-50 in L-town this whole past week), and of course seeing mom and dad, who I obviously miss a lot. It'll be good to spend some time with them. Then they take off, as I think they're going to the Lake on Friday morning??? Not sure.

Kate came to L-town last weekend, and we celebrated our 6 months of going out. I got her some Kappa Alpha Theta gear (refrigerator magnets, traveler's coffee mug, bulletin board) and a framed picture of us. It was my favorite weekend in L-town so far, obviously, as I was able to have Kate and all my friends in the room at the same time. I've met a lot of friends at KU, and I've been having a lot of fun overall.

My classes are tough obviously, especially Spanish and Biology, but I think I actually have an A in Spanish and a B in Bio, so I'm doing well.

Highlights of last weekend include Kate giving me a CD of a bunch of country songs that I and her both love, and she ordered them in a really thoughtful way. Most of you know about my encounter with one of the Kansas Men's Basketball players, Sherron Collins, in the concourses of the KU/Duke football game. I went on ahead and got a picture with him, before proceeding to get one with T-Baby Taylor and Tyrel Reed also. If your not familiar, you should totally check out the pictures on Facebook. Anyway, I bring it up because I can't get the guy (Sherron) away from me. Kate and I went to Longhorn for dinner on Saturday night, and he decided to also go ahead and go to Longhorn that night, at PRECISELY the time that I go, and conveniently find a spot right next to us. I mean, I don't blame the guy, but if he wants my autograph or something, he just needs to ask.

So anyway, the weekend was great with Kate, I already miss her and now, with the exception of tomorrow, I'll be chilling in the dorms over Fall Break. Almost everyone on my floor is going home for the weekend, but one of my good friends Meaghan, and another of my friends, Gabrielle, should be around this weekend, so I'm sure we'll find stuff to do.

Hawks on Saturday! 6 P.M. ESPN.

Rock Chalk and I'm excited to see you all soon.

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