Wednesday, January 26, 2011



So my friend is studying abroad and asked me what was going on here, so I informed her everything that I'm doing. I figured it would be a good idea to dust off the blog and let all you guys in on the fun also!

Sooo here it is...

Basically, i've just been insanely busy. since i've been back i've been playing basketball a lot, and getting crap organized.

KJHK- I've had two radio shows so far this semester. I'm the producer for every Wednesday show... There are 4 hosts and tonight's show went really well. I don't know who all knows Nick Wright from "What's Right with Nick Wright" on 610 Sports... the dude who does a 4-hour sports show all by himself, but he was on our show tonight and gave an awesome interview about KU/Big12 basketball. Said he loved it and wants to be on more. The KJHK Sports Director asked me to be the producer for his show over break (he's one of the hosts), and I'm pretty pumped. What I do is give a sports update, run the board... fading the microphones, organizing and playing the promos, ads, etc. during breaks, tweet for KJHK_Sports during the show to say what we're talking about, etc. Even though I have all that crap to do, the guys told me I could chime in and talk whenever I wanted also... which is awesome since I don't think most producers talk at all. KJHK has Sports shows 6-7pm every weekday, and I'll be on Wednesdays. This week was the first full week, as we had all 4 people on. Last week was the first show, and some of the guy weren't able to make it, so I was a full-time host on that and I think it went really well. I'm also still in the running obviously to be able to do some basketball games (I don't know if I'll be able to properly contain my excitement for men's games) and I'm excited for doing baseball games in the spring. Hopefully the shows will soon be archived on

Aside from KJHK, I also have work, school, intramurals and scheduling basketball camping going on.

I'll be working at least 13 hours, assuming I'm able to get rid of my awful 3am-7am shift on tuesday mornings that I currently have assigned to me. Regular scheduling starts next week--we've had random shifts so far... no routines and very, very little sleep. My other shifts will be Tuesdays 6pm-9pm in the ARC, Wednesday 9pm-Midnight Desk, Thursday 11pm-3am Security, and Saturday 3pm-6pm Desk. I'll of course have to get those covered when they get in the way of KU games.

As for school, I think I'm just going to take 13 hours this semester. I was in 16, but dropped a poetry class cause I hated it and don't necessarily need to take it. Even with 13, my other four semesters will be 15, 13, 13, 12. So not bad at all. This semester, I'm in Applied Behavior Science 304, JOUR 301 (& Lab), Western Civ 2, GEOG 104, and JOUR 288, which is a 1-credit course dealing with the TV station, KUJH.

M/W/F ABSC & HWC 11am & 12pm
T/TH JOUR LEC 8am, JOUR LAB 9:30am, GEOG 11am

It'll be a decently tough semester even though it's just 13 hours. Writing stories for my Jour lab might but tough, but hopefully fun.

Camping is going well, we're all getting pretty pumped for the KU/KSTATE game on Saturday! It'll be a fun one. I expect KU to win by 20. Still kind of a pain scheduling people but it's gone pretty smoothly.

Intramurals are starting up, I got my team signed up... I'm pretty sure our first game is Sunday night. Hopefully it'll be fun. I'm excited. Love the game.

So I mentioned how busy I've been, check out my sleeping schedule recently, with the random working schedule...

Friday night... slept from 1:30am-6am and 9:30am-12pm (worked 6am-9am)
Saturday night... (worked 11pm-3am) slept 3:45am-7:20am and 9:30am-1:15pm (lottery)
Sunday night... (worked 11pm-3am) slept 3:30am-10am
Monday night... slept 1:45am-7:56am (had an 8am class T)
Tuesday night... (worked 11pm-3am) slept 3:15am-10:15am (LEGIT!!! 7 hours!!!)

and then tonight I'll hopefully fall asleep by 11:30/Mid and wake up at 7am.
Thursday night will be huge... Sleep from like Mid to 10am (it'll be huge because.....)
Friday night idk how much i'll sleep at all... B/c me and one of the RAs are planning on going to the Fieldhouse to line up for college gameday at 4am. (doors open at 7am, it goes from 9am-11am) sooo yeah

Oh and then lottery for missouri game sunday morning at 8am. so yeah haha.

that's about all i can think of now!

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