Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Wedding Season! (Again)

Well - after a solid 4 weekends without wedding, Brigid and I kick of Part Deux this summer. We get to travel to lovely St. Charles, MO - which is alot like Sullivan with lights - for a 10 a.m. wedding tomorrow morning. Yes - 10 a.m. Brigid is in the wedding, so we have to be there at 8:30. Fun stuff. Then the reception isn't until 1:30 - so we get to kill time in a land of Lake People.

We will be travelling back to K.C. next weekend for the Toby Keith or Keith Urban (or whomever it is) concert. It should be a blast...

Really we are coming back sometime Friday evening and we'll be staying at Kevin's house with Bob and Hampton. Yes, you all get to meet Hampton - although he won't be allowed in Mom and Dad's house because he's a MANIAC. So - whoever is around on Friday, we should do some dinner/cocktails.

Otherwise, STL is going well. The weather is amazing and should be spledid for some relaxing by the pool on Sunday. Glad to hear all is well with everyone. Andrew - good luck. Don't let anyone overdose.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Dakota Likes to Party.

My friend Niki spotted this in a parking lot up here in Minnesota and was kind enough to document it for me (it's a South Dakota plate):

Apparently the owner of the car walked up to her while she was taking the picture and was like, did you hit my car? When she explained her purpose - that she is friends with an insane Jayhawks fan - said owner was happy to allow her to proceed with her photography mission.

On a related note, I was pulling into Target the other day, and noticed that the car in front of my had a Missouri Tigers license plate frame. Gross. Well, the lady was walking in with me, so, in Big 12 spirit, I started up a friendly conversation, noting that you don't see Mizzou stuff up here too often. I told her that I was a Jayhawk and tried to talk hoops with her. Like a true Mizzou alumnus, she was not interested in talking hoops. Wonder why.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doing Work

Hello all.

Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is still going well in KS. I finally started cleaning out my room and closet, etc. in preparation for college. Some days are easier than others to clean up and get prepared and all that crap.

There's obviously been a lot going through my mind recently about college and such, and I'm sure it will continue in the next few weeks... but as my sister Katie once said, Chalmers' shot still goes in every time, so I really can't complain about life.

I went to the pool with Joshua and Jacob today, except the clouds didn't go away until we were walking out the door. Swell. We had a nice lunch with Kate at Crapplebee's beforehand.

Anyway, Mama K offered to go get Chipotle for dinner, so, naturally, I didn't punch her in the face.

Hope everything is going well.
I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon.

A quick word from des moines

Family- I started my new rotation this week and consequently have been extremely busy and tired. I am working at Broadlawns Medical Center which is the county hospital here in good 'ole Polk County Iowa. The population is quite interesting. My preceptor is awesome, he graduated Drake in 2006 so he is the youngest faculty member we have. I am working in an anticoagulation clinic, in other words, we work with people who are on Coumadin which is used to prevent blood clots bit often can cause bleeding. They come into our clinic MWF and we go over their labs and make adjustments to their dose. The best part if our collaborative practive agreement that we have. For those of you who aren't down with the lawyer talk, this means that we are partnered with the physicians in the hospital. This way we (and by the end of next week "we" becomes "me") can change the dose of the drug without contacting the physician. Its a relatively new practice to the profession of pharmacy and is a great stride in management of patients. In fact, studies show that patient managed in anticoag. clinics have better outcomes than those managed by physicians. Other than that, I am doing great but will be really busy the next 5 weeks before reports to St. Lukes and keeping mom company. See you all the in two weeks!

busy mom

hi all! i am here and doing well as is dad! we have both been busy even with my part time job. the learning tree is great and keeping me busy, i have been working everyday this week teaching classes at the corinth store. dad is in NO and always busy. i am going to visit NO after sean goes to KU. I am very excited to go to NO it has been over a year since i have been there. nothing else going on here. love to all, mom

Highpointe Will be a Party.

Well the moving process has finally kicked off. Last night I packed up a lot of my kitchen and my room. Put some stuff into my car and moved some small pieces of furniture down the stairs. I'm really excited to be moving into Highpoint, I think it is where Megan Mincher lived at one point, but it is really nice and it will be nice to have just one roommate again. I hope you all can make it down to see it eventually! *Cough* The 7th *Cough*.

Anyway, you all are doing sort of a poor job keeping me up to date with your activities (with the exception of my sister, Mary). So keep in touch and let me know how it is in Des Moines, and STL. It interests me. I miss you guys!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I kinda like to party!

I kinda like to party!

Domesticated Partying.

I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for yet another update on Operation Domestication! Well, the Operation went quite well this weekend. We had Paul's friends Chad and Laurie over for dinner. I made a lasagna, and it was not a previously frozen one. That's right, I made it from scratch. It was AMAZING. Just ask PD. I successfully hid the fake-meat taste. So good.

And then yesterday, I made this, also from scratch:

While I don't plan on quitting my day job quite yet, I think I have a real future as a tote bag maker. Now I need one of those green measure board things and rolly cutters. Mom knows what I am talking. Mama K, you should tell me what they are called. I plan on making another bag, unsupervised, with my own sewing machine, sometime this week. I was also so pleased with myself that I signed up for the wrap skirt class in August.

Other highlights from the weekend included drinking Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade (pretty good), taking a nap, and just generally kickin' it.

Want to Party?

Dear family,

I am moving in to my new apartment on the 6th of August. My sister, Mary (I'm not sure if you all know her), is going to come down on the 7th and drink some beers and sit at the pool, maybe grill some food. I would like to extend the invitation to all Kellermans including Dan, Kathleen, Danny, Kevin, Andrew, and Sean. Please let me know if you would like to come and sit by the pool whilst drinking beers and eating food with myself and my roommate and my sister. It is the day before Amy's wedding, so some of you will be in town anyway, and it would be quite fun. Let me know.

Or, you can text/call me. Hopefully all of you have my number, if not, we have a weird situation.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This fish had no chance against Kevin

Friday, July 24, 2009

Do Mom and Dad Like to Party?

Bob and Charlie are making far more appearances on el blog than Mama and Papa K. What gives? Papa K, did you get set up?

Three hours until the weekend, which is supposed to be mostly cold and raining. Ugg. Well, not cold really, but not the mid-80's the low-90's that I would enjoy in late July.

An update on Operation Domestication: I both made an enchilada bake and cookies from scratch this week. Pretty exciting. My wedding gift kitchen gadgets are pretty cool. The handmixer I got is even designed so that you can stand it up with the mixing part over the bowl while adding ingredients. Saves quite a bit of counter clean-up. I know you guys care.

I am going to be trying more enchilada recipes, such as the one DK so kindly shared on the blog. They are good vegetarian eats. Sunday: sewing class! I know you all are jealous.

We drove by the new Twinkie's stadium last night, as we were in the neighborhood after seeing a totally awesome coverband at a total dive bar. It was great - the cover band, that is. The stadium looks good, I think outdoors ball will be good for the TC's. As some Kellermans would say, it's neat. Rather neat, actually. Last year it snowed on opening day, so hopefully that will happen again, haha. That would be neat as well. Ya'll should come up for a game next year.

Does Mary still have cats?

Bring It.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My dog is cuter than your dog.

All that this guy wants is for Uncle Kevin to pick him up and give him a big old hug.

The Royals Suck

Just thought everyone should know/be reminded of the fact that the Royals have lost nine consecutive games. They have about six good major league baseball players, and their bullpen continues to only walk people and give up runs.

Recap of the last nine games:

July 10, 2009: Boston 1, Kansas City 0. Royals get shut-down pitching performance from Brian Bannister but give up one run in the eighth, while mustering no offense.
July 11, 2009: Boston 15, Kansas City 9. Royals have an offensive outburst, but it all occurs after they trailed 9-0. The bullpen continued to give up more runs.
July 12, 2009: Boston 6, Kansas City 0. Royals can muster absolutely no offense.
July 17, 2009: Tampa Bay 8, Kansas City 7. Royals score 7 runs, and lead 7-3 before the bullpen surrenders 5 runs late in the game.
July 18, 2009: Tampa Bay 4, Kansas City 2. Zack Greinke goes seven innings of one run ball, leaving the game with a 2-1 lead. The bullpen quickly comes and and gives up three runs in the eighth.
July 19, 2009: Tampa Bay 4, Kansas City 3. Royals' bullpen blows another lead. Former Royal J.P. Howell collects a save in each of the Rays' victories over the Royals.
July 21, 2009: Los Angeles 8, Kansas City 5. Royals take a 5-4 lead following a homerun from Billy Butler, but Sidney Ponson and the Royals bullpen quickly give that lead away.
July 21, 2009: Los Angeles 10, Kansas City 2. Royals lead early 2-0, but the bullpen surrenders 7 runs in the seventh inning, completing the Angels' doubleheader sweep.
July 22, 2009: Los Angeles 9, Kansas City 6. Royals lead 6-2 before the bullpen quickly gives up seven runs.

This is what I have to deal with.

9 games. 1 game giving up 15 runs. 2 shutouts. 6 blown leads. 9 games.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A true fan.

Hampton as a baby.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elliott and Olivia Like to Party.

I'm super bored right now while all the girls I'm supposed to be nannying are playing with their friends at a neighbor's house. Lucky for me, there is a Law and Order: SVU marathon on. Phew.

Request for Important Information

Can someone please post the recipe for the enchiladas that Mom used to make with the flour tortillas? By "Someone," I mean Mom (although I think Danny might have this one as well). As part of my plans to domesticate myself, I am hoping to come up with a vegetarian version of these fine roll-ups this weekend for a dinner party.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mini Charlie Brown Probably Liked to Party.

So, I found out that Charlie Brown is a Beagle Border Collie mix awhile back (which is pretty neat, being that the only Border Collie I ever knew was awesome and named Phog - which I tried to name Charlie Brown, but PD rejected it). So I was thinking, I wonder if C. Brown was a cute puppy? Therefore, I googled "Border Collie Beagle Mix Puppy" and found this:

And if you are wondering what Mousey would've looked like as a puppy:


So -

Just reppin' good ol' L-Town. The knee is up and running again (well, not running, but its up). Not to much new stuff going on here, I'm moving out of my townhouse on the 31st and moving into a new apartment on the 5th, so I'm super excited for that. There is going to be a beer/pool day on August 7th at my apartment that my sister, Mary, is going to join in on if anyone else would like to as well, open invitation.

Amy's wedding is coming up, that'll be fun. Hopefully my knee will be at its highest rug cutting abilities. (Fingers crossed).

Not much has changed in the life of Katie since my last blog. I've been goin on some dates with some people - I've been single for months now, you all should be proud since apparently I'm "never single". I do have my eye on someone. But yanno, for the sake of all of your sanity I'm not making any drastic decisions. We went on a date a couple days ago he took me to the lake and grilled some steaks and veggies at the park then we went and fished until the sunset then watched the sunset and (never thought I would say this) but watched the stars on the hood of his car. I sound like my own country song. But anyway, it was a lot of fun.

Since then, I've been fishing a couple of times, I finally went and got my fishing license, ($20.50 at Wal-Mart) so I'm fishable for a year! I've caught 3 good size carp (gross!) and one baby bluegill that was smaller than the palm of my hand. But, that was my first caught fish at Clinton Lake so it forever has a place in my heart. :)

I'm loving summer, I'm loving life, and I miss you all!
I've been praying for grandma, I hope you all are too!
Keep up the good blogging!

MK + PD Know How to Party

I am going out on a limb today and posting TWO, yes TWO blogs. This first one is mainly for mom and dad, because I promised them that I would post my maid-of-honor speech, and because of its awesomeness you all can read it again.

"Good evening everyone, as many of you know, I’m Katie, Mary’s little sister, and I would first like to start out by saying how honored I am to be standing up here as her maid of honor. It’s been a long journey to get to this night, and I’m so glad it’s finally here!

I want to start out by telling you all one of my earliest memories of Paul, and I think I can speak for most of the basketball-crazed Kellermans when I say this, it was the first time he entered our notorious NCAA March Madness bracket and made two memorable decisions. Not only did he enter under the name Paul “Roundball” DesCombaz…but he also chose Kansas as the only number 1 seed in the tournament to be eliminated before the Final 4...which in the Kellerman family, doesn’t typically go over well.

I remember thinking to myself, “who is ‘Roundball’?” And when I asked Mary about Paul’s bracket choices, she defended him in saying that he doesn’t know that much about basketball or the Kansas Jayhawks. Needless to say, he’s been learning. Well because the Kansas Jayhawks didn’t get eliminated after all and ended up winning the national title, “Roundball” obviously didn‘t do too well, and that bracket is something he will never live down in the Kellerman family. However, Paul, as much fun as it has been and will continue to be to call you “Roundball,” I am glad the day has come that I can finally welcome you into our family and call you brother.

Having a big family has been a blessing for myself, my siblings and my parents, and in that family Mary and I fall nearly 8 years apart. That number has never made a difference in the way we have bonded as sisters and as friends. I have always been the “princess” and Mary has always been the “queen”. This was just our little way of sticking together even with all 4 of our brothers. It took a lot to separate myself from all the World Wrestling Federation on the tv, but those were the times I was always able to look to the “queen” as a role model.

Although now everyone is grown up, made their own lives, and luckily have their own tvs, I look to Mary now more than ever as the kind of woman I aspire to be for many different reasons. The confidence she had to leave Kansas, let alone Lawrence, Kansas, and head to Minnesota is the kind of courage and drive I wish to have one day. The desire she has for her career as an attorney has pushed me to work even harder for hopes of attaining that kind of success for myself. The time she has taken and the care she has shown to keep in touch with her family hundreds of miles away, has kept us all in contact, and for that we are all thankful. And most importantly, the relationship and life that she has made with Paul shows the love that I learn from in hopes of experiencing myself.

From the time Paul and Mary stepped into my parent’s house for their first Kellerman family holiday as a couple, I saw the way they looked at and interacted with each other, and I knew this day would come. I know we all wish you the best of luck in everything you do together and every journey your life takes you on.

To my new brother-in-law, we are so glad to have you as part of our family, but one of these years, you’ll realize that in that bracket you have to pick Kansas to win the National title.

And finally, to my big sister, Mary, I know Paul will take care of you the way a true queen should be cared for, and I’m so glad you found that in such a loving man. I wouldn’t have wanted anything less for you and I am so proud to call you my sister.

So, to Mary and Paul DesCombaz.

I promised the bride a few final words, so while our glasses are raised: I love you both, congratulations, good luck, and rock chalk."

Granted, I couldn't get through all of it, so at least this way I don't have to read it in front of a large group of people! :) I bolded an important part of said speech, which is obvious in this blog.

My Computer Likes To Party Too Much.

So, apparently my computer likes to party, because I came into work this morning and it decided not to turn on, presumably due to a weekend of partying. I know how it feels, I am not a big a fan of Mondays, either. But now I have a loaner that has almost enough memory to run outlook and internet explorer at the same at least I can update my blog!

PD and I had a lovely weekend. We went to happy hour with some buddies on Friday. We planned on sitting outside by the river, but being that it was 65 and raining, we opted for inside. Sadness. Saturday was cold and crappy as well, and we spent the day running stupid errands. I went to a bachelorette party for a girl that I'm not very good friends with (but whose betrothed I am good friends with) on Saturday night, and then split right after dinner (Psycho Suzi's deep dish pizza, Danny has been lucky enough to enjoy this this fine piece of pizza art) and then watched the second 1/2 of Animal House with PD.

Summer kinda returned on Sunday...we turned the window units back on and headed for the sculpture garden and the Walker Art Museum. It was a lovely day. We then had a not so good lunch on the rooftop at Brit's. I keep meaning to bring some Kellermans to this place - while the food is subpar and the drinks are expensive, they have rooftop bocce ball in the middle of downtown Minneapolis. So that makes it pretty awesome. Or neat, as Sean would say. Then, I baked some zucchini bread, as my friend and I are having a little competition to see whose is better. Domesticated, I know. It turned out pretty well, I must say. Also neat.

In further attempts to domesticate myself, I will be taking a sewing class next weekend so I can learn to operate my sewing machine and make a tote bag. Fun Stuff!

Now back to my boring old job, where at least I have Sean's blog entry to entertain me. 28 days 'til we go to the cabin...and less than that until I make an appearance in the land of the Rock Chalk.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dad Wishes He Could Party


The big guy has no idea what he's doing, and needs some serious advice on how to actually join the blog. I tried my best to help him, but he seems to have messed it up too much. hawks

Lightning McQueen Likes to Party


So I figured maybe if i made a new post and gave everyone an update on my current happenings, the blog would obviously be more interesting. Questionable, I know.

Well, not too much going on here in the Leahood. During the week, I'm babysitting 9-4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two kids that I sat for last summer too, Jacob and Joshua Steele. Jacob is 6 and Joshua is 3, and finally potty trained. Which, I must say, is pretty neat.

Joshua has an infatuation with the movie Cars. Except he refers to it as Lightning McQueen. (For those who haven't had the opportunity to see the Disney Pixar movie 14,000 times like myself, Lightning is the main car. Joshua rocks many a Lightning McQueen croc or beach towel, as I am often forced to take them and Kate to the pool every day that I sit for them. It's pretty tough, but I like to think I'm getting by pretty well. (See forthcoming picture.)

Jacob and I throw the ball around, wiffle-ball style, outside while it's 900 degrees outside. Which obviously makes the pool a good supplement.

I spend a lot of my nights with this girl Kate, who I like. She's neat. We go to the pool with the boys during the week, and then hang out either here or in H-town (Harrisonville) at nights. We enjoy watching the Royals suck... who doesn't really?? We are the worst baseball team ever. I get semi-peeved watching them once in a while. We watch the freakin' boys in blue a lot, (where I make a point to point out every possible hawks shirt in the crowd) and we thoroughly enjoy our "Winged Wednesday," which is the night that we go to Coach's to have one or two Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches or Spicy Wings. SO GOOD. We like to eat a lot, and are unfortunately counting down the days until we go to college. Although I like to often step back, and know that it can't be too bad, because I'm not the one stuck going to Mizzou.


I'm excited for college, hopefully I'll be more ready next month when I actually go. Having the princess up there will be pretty clutch. My roomate doesn't like sports, so I've obviously come to the conclusion that he has issues. ...Just kidding, I'm sure it will be great. I'm living in Ellsworth in a 2-person suite with bath. They had orignally put me in McCollum put I complained and got what I wanted, taking a page out of either Mama K's or Mary's book.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing neatly. And I hope we can continue to keep up on the blog, which is a grand idea, just ask Mama K.

Oh and I'm listening to a lot of country music, which surprises everyone I'm sure. I just can't get enough!

I'd like to end with the poem that got me an A in English class last year. I have previously sent it to you all in an e-mail, but just to jog your memory...

The Shot

All tuned in as the shot was thrown
And the nation's best was finally shown
A memorable shot, to say the least
And the nation was relieved of the bias from the east
One to be shown over and over
The shot did justice to a four-leaf clover
The shot going in led all to see
You just can't mess with destiny.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hampton and Bob

Who is who?

Vegas likes to party

I got back from vegas at around 5pm on wednesday and proceeded to sleep from 7pm to 11am. Then I had to go to work at 12 which tells you I didn't win big... or at all... It was an awesome trip tbough. Sam Cassell and D. Stoudamire were playing craps at the Bellagio but were in a high roller room that we couldn't see.

My favorite hotel was probably New York New York just because the building is so creative and the restaurant we ate at was phenomenal. If anyone goes soon, you need to eat breakfast at Paris, however, because that was untouchable (much like chalmers high-arcing tre). Its called Mon Ami Gabi.

One day we passed through the newer hotels the Wynn and Encore which as connected. We sat down at this roulette table and these three obnoxious guys joined us. One was through $25 down on a number... turns out he had been eliminated from the world series of poker that morning and took home 55th place and a cool $189k.

As far as whats going on with me, I'm here in KC until next week. I start my next rotation on July 27th in DSM. I will also be back for Amy's wedding on the 8th and maybe on the 1st for some friends birthdays, but that is still up in the air. Once that rotation is over, I start 10 weeks at St. Luke's on the plaza beginning Sept 1st. I'm pretty excited for that because I have heard a lot of great things. Plus, I may be working in the cardiology department which is where the Wiedeman girls work.

To the guys, get ready for a beat down starting at the end of this month when I out-draft you all in the Doodles league.

Everyone, enjoy the heat while we have it and have a great week!

P.S. Danny- I had $10 on Inge at 10/1 and $20 on Pujols at 2/1. Rough Homerun Derby.

I love this picture


Saint Louis is also having great weather, which makes me think KC is as well. It's going to drop to the mid-50s overnight tonight - too cold for summer. We were planning on going out to Brigid's parents pool tomorrow, but if it's only going to be 75, it may not be worth it. Bob says hello to everyone.

Otherwise, not much going on around here. The All-Star game was a success for the city, and there were tons of people downtown for about four straight days. It was a pretty cool experience. Unfortunately, I don't think the Royals will ever be able to get it based on the location of the stadium. Having it downtown was quite an experience.

I plan on being back for Amy's wedding and staying at Kevin's house since he'll be on a canoe trip for the weekend. I believe Bob and Hampton will be tagging along, so they would like to see everyone - although Hampton isn't allowed in Mom and Dad's house. He's a little hyper-active (to say the least).

Welp - that's about it. Katie, I'm glad your knee is better and you don't have to have surgery or PT - keep exercising it. Mary, enjoy Lawrence when you travel south. Andrew, let everyone know how much money you won - and that you made it back safely.

Rock Chalk.

Perhaps this will bring some interest to the blog...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kellerman Funny Face Picture of the Day!

Two for one! Write your own caption for this doozey! (The follow up presented to remind you all how cute we are.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Highs in the Mid-70's.

Oh, I do enjoy the blog, it's a wonderful forum for my nonsense! So we have yet to have a good storm in Minnesota. We have had one tornado watch all season in the Twin Cities, and all we got out of that was a few sprinkles. We haven't even had a severe thunderstorm watch! I've seen lightening maybe twice. This is quite depressing to me, as you all can imagine.

BUT...what about that lovely July heat? Aren't PD and MK regretting purchasing a house without central air? I know you have all been worried to death about us, but never fear. It may be July 15th, but the high today is only 80., my second favorite website (after this one, which is now number one, and fyi, number three is, where you can track the fashion choices of our lovely first lady), predicts HIGHS in the mid-70's for the balance of the week. With one exception: On Friday, July 22, we are only predicted to top out at a balmy 66. This is freakin' insane.

In other Minnesota weather news, because I know you all are extremely interested, supposedly it's going to be an El Nino year. (El Nino is Spanish for "the Nino".) That means not as cold (i.e., at least part of the nine months of winter will be above zero) and a whole bunch of snow.

Long story short: I should move back to Kansas. Snow is evil, t-storms are grand.

And now, for the Kellerman Funny Face Picture of the Day! I like to call this one "Andrew's First Champagne."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Latest Entry in the Rug Cutting Competish.

It's not the most clear picture, but you get the jist of the Princess's dance moves. I think this part is where her knee started to give out, building up to the dislocation incident of '09. Maybe you shouldn't cut so hard, missy.


By the way, I'm not sure how to take the fact that I was even considered for best rug cutter. My feelings are significantly hurt. Ouch.

My name is Katie, and yes, I like to party.

So I just figured out how to do this whole new post thing, thanks to MKD. I hope everything is going well with everyone. Lawrence is pretty lazy around this time of year, not much to be doing, just dreaming about Rock Chalk Championship 2010.

If you all didn't read my comment before, my knee is doing much better, I don't have to get surgery, I don't even have to do physcial therapy, just exercise it and build up the muscles so that hopefully it doesn't happen again.

I'm just about ready for school to start up again. I get bored of summer easily, especially when I wasn't able to walk for a few days! I'm nanny 3 girls and they're fun, and still working at Old Chicago.

I'm glad we decided to do this, gotta keep everyone posted on Lawrence, KC, Minneapolis, and the good 'ol STL. And at this point in time, Drew is in Vegas, so lets hope he comes back richer...and comes back!

Praying for grandma and dad, hope you all are too! :) I was so excited that I figured out how to do a post, so I thought I'd do this fabulous one! :)
wow i think i add myself!!! this looks like a grand idea.i will enjoy hearing from all of you.hope everyone is doing okay, pray for grandma and dad it is tough for him. love mom

Posting on the Blog.

Princess Maters and other interested parties: You should see a "New Post" link on the upper right hand corner of your computer screen. Step One: Click on "New Post." Step Two: Draft title, attempting to be mildly amusing. Step Three: Type something, continuing your attempts to be mildly amusing. Step Four: Post picture of cute pet and/or Kevin dancing by clicking on the little picture icon on the toolbar. Step five: Run spellcheck so as to avoid embarrassment. Step six: Click "Publish Post."


Need advice, will blog.

After five years and three hard drives, I am giving up on my Dell and in the market for a laptop. Anyone have any suggestions and/or know the specs that I should be looking for? I'll mainly be using it for working from home, music and pictures, nothing too crazy. But I have been out of the market for so long I don't know what to look for...and I don't think I can afford a mac. Sad.

On a not related at all note, Dad called me (and I presume some of you) with an update on Gma K. She is having a hard time, so everyone keep her (and Papa K) in your thoughts/prayers.

MKD, fka MK

Monday, July 13, 2009

Which Kellerman is the Bestest Cutter of the Rug?

Vote: Blog Name

I asked my Facebook friends for suggested blognames, and although there were quite a few quality suggestions, I would like to put my vote in for "We Like to Party," volunteered by Molly Ginder. Any objections?

Kellermans Conquer the Midwest.

Hello Family, I am starting this totally awesome, rock-chalking blog to keep as all in touch as yet another Kellerman departs the confines of Leawood for a spectacular new life in Lawrence, Kansas. It's quite simple to blog and I hope that you will all participate. Also, we need a better name for this blog. PD suggested "The Fart Party," but I figured we could come up with something better and less offensive than that, haha.

You can post pictures, videos, etc. on the blog, and it's all quite simple to do. Let me know if you guys have any questions. I will send a real update on my life shortly.