Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Wedding Season! (Again)

Well - after a solid 4 weekends without wedding, Brigid and I kick of Part Deux this summer. We get to travel to lovely St. Charles, MO - which is alot like Sullivan with lights - for a 10 a.m. wedding tomorrow morning. Yes - 10 a.m. Brigid is in the wedding, so we have to be there at 8:30. Fun stuff. Then the reception isn't until 1:30 - so we get to kill time in a land of Lake People.

We will be travelling back to K.C. next weekend for the Toby Keith or Keith Urban (or whomever it is) concert. It should be a blast...

Really we are coming back sometime Friday evening and we'll be staying at Kevin's house with Bob and Hampton. Yes, you all get to meet Hampton - although he won't be allowed in Mom and Dad's house because he's a MANIAC. So - whoever is around on Friday, we should do some dinner/cocktails.

Otherwise, STL is going well. The weather is amazing and should be spledid for some relaxing by the pool on Sunday. Glad to hear all is well with everyone. Andrew - good luck. Don't let anyone overdose.

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