Friday, July 24, 2009

Do Mom and Dad Like to Party?

Bob and Charlie are making far more appearances on el blog than Mama and Papa K. What gives? Papa K, did you get set up?

Three hours until the weekend, which is supposed to be mostly cold and raining. Ugg. Well, not cold really, but not the mid-80's the low-90's that I would enjoy in late July.

An update on Operation Domestication: I both made an enchilada bake and cookies from scratch this week. Pretty exciting. My wedding gift kitchen gadgets are pretty cool. The handmixer I got is even designed so that you can stand it up with the mixing part over the bowl while adding ingredients. Saves quite a bit of counter clean-up. I know you guys care.

I am going to be trying more enchilada recipes, such as the one DK so kindly shared on the blog. They are good vegetarian eats. Sunday: sewing class! I know you all are jealous.

We drove by the new Twinkie's stadium last night, as we were in the neighborhood after seeing a totally awesome coverband at a total dive bar. It was great - the cover band, that is. The stadium looks good, I think outdoors ball will be good for the TC's. As some Kellermans would say, it's neat. Rather neat, actually. Last year it snowed on opening day, so hopefully that will happen again, haha. That would be neat as well. Ya'll should come up for a game next year.

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