Monday, July 13, 2009

Kellermans Conquer the Midwest.

Hello Family, I am starting this totally awesome, rock-chalking blog to keep as all in touch as yet another Kellerman departs the confines of Leawood for a spectacular new life in Lawrence, Kansas. It's quite simple to blog and I hope that you will all participate. Also, we need a better name for this blog. PD suggested "The Fart Party," but I figured we could come up with something better and less offensive than that, haha.

You can post pictures, videos, etc. on the blog, and it's all quite simple to do. Let me know if you guys have any questions. I will send a real update on my life shortly.


  1. Not much goinjg on in STL. Oh wait, the All-Star game is here and it's an absolute mess trying to drive anywhere. Especially since the highways are all under construction. Otherwise, Rock Chalk - and Tyshawn Taylor led team USA to the U-19 gold medal (first time the US has won in 18 years).

  2. To post on the Blog, look at the upper right hand corner from the home page - there's a "New Post" link. If you have to create a username or something, use the email address that I emailed you the blog info with (which should be everyone's generally used email address). There's icons if you want to post pictures or videos on the posting page.

  3. Rock Chalk Championship.

    My Mac is amazing.

    And the hawks are going to win the title.

    Oh and the football hawks are going to win the title.

    So nothing new, to sum up.

  4. So, I don't know how to start a new post, I don't understand the directions Mrs. PD posted. Anyway, nothing new really going on in Lawrence, my knee is getting better. I went and saw the orthopedic surgeon today and he said there isn't really anything I can do but work on some muscles in my leg. Ah. So that's what I'll be doing up here!
    Rock Chalk


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