Monday, July 27, 2009

Domesticated Partying.

I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for yet another update on Operation Domestication! Well, the Operation went quite well this weekend. We had Paul's friends Chad and Laurie over for dinner. I made a lasagna, and it was not a previously frozen one. That's right, I made it from scratch. It was AMAZING. Just ask PD. I successfully hid the fake-meat taste. So good.

And then yesterday, I made this, also from scratch:

While I don't plan on quitting my day job quite yet, I think I have a real future as a tote bag maker. Now I need one of those green measure board things and rolly cutters. Mom knows what I am talking. Mama K, you should tell me what they are called. I plan on making another bag, unsupervised, with my own sewing machine, sometime this week. I was also so pleased with myself that I signed up for the wrap skirt class in August.

Other highlights from the weekend included drinking Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade (pretty good), taking a nap, and just generally kickin' it.


  1. I want you to make me a tote.

  2. I knew that would be the first, and possibly only, comment that I would get in regard to the tote. I'm on it!

  3. okay, i do like to party! and work and have a weekend with papa k! dad headed to NO this am and i worked at the learning tree making sock puppets and digging for fossils! mary seems to be following in my footsteps all domesticated and such! we will see about lawrence when it gets closer thanks katie! making meatballs today for when people are in town on the eighth using REAL meat. hope everyon is well. I miss you all, mom

  4. hi everyone! i am trying to remember how I did this! mom


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