Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Highs in the Mid-70's.

Oh, I do enjoy the blog, it's a wonderful forum for my nonsense! So we have yet to have a good storm in Minnesota. We have had one tornado watch all season in the Twin Cities, and all we got out of that was a few sprinkles. We haven't even had a severe thunderstorm watch! I've seen lightening maybe twice. This is quite depressing to me, as you all can imagine.

BUT...what about that lovely July heat? Aren't PD and MK regretting purchasing a house without central air? I know you have all been worried to death about us, but never fear. It may be July 15th, but the high today is only 80., my second favorite website (after this one, which is now number one, and fyi, number three is, where you can track the fashion choices of our lovely first lady), predicts HIGHS in the mid-70's for the balance of the week. With one exception: On Friday, July 22, we are only predicted to top out at a balmy 66. This is freakin' insane.

In other Minnesota weather news, because I know you all are extremely interested, supposedly it's going to be an El Nino year. (El Nino is Spanish for "the Nino".) That means not as cold (i.e., at least part of the nine months of winter will be above zero) and a whole bunch of snow.

Long story short: I should move back to Kansas. Snow is evil, t-storms are grand.

And now, for the Kellerman Funny Face Picture of the Day! I like to call this one "Andrew's First Champagne."

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