Friday, July 17, 2009

Vegas likes to party

I got back from vegas at around 5pm on wednesday and proceeded to sleep from 7pm to 11am. Then I had to go to work at 12 which tells you I didn't win big... or at all... It was an awesome trip tbough. Sam Cassell and D. Stoudamire were playing craps at the Bellagio but were in a high roller room that we couldn't see.

My favorite hotel was probably New York New York just because the building is so creative and the restaurant we ate at was phenomenal. If anyone goes soon, you need to eat breakfast at Paris, however, because that was untouchable (much like chalmers high-arcing tre). Its called Mon Ami Gabi.

One day we passed through the newer hotels the Wynn and Encore which as connected. We sat down at this roulette table and these three obnoxious guys joined us. One was through $25 down on a number... turns out he had been eliminated from the world series of poker that morning and took home 55th place and a cool $189k.

As far as whats going on with me, I'm here in KC until next week. I start my next rotation on July 27th in DSM. I will also be back for Amy's wedding on the 8th and maybe on the 1st for some friends birthdays, but that is still up in the air. Once that rotation is over, I start 10 weeks at St. Luke's on the plaza beginning Sept 1st. I'm pretty excited for that because I have heard a lot of great things. Plus, I may be working in the cardiology department which is where the Wiedeman girls work.

To the guys, get ready for a beat down starting at the end of this month when I out-draft you all in the Doodles league.

Everyone, enjoy the heat while we have it and have a great week!

P.S. Danny- I had $10 on Inge at 10/1 and $20 on Pujols at 2/1. Rough Homerun Derby.

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  1. When I turn 21 I'm going to Vegas with you. Party on, Wayne.


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