Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Highpointe Will be a Party.

Well the moving process has finally kicked off. Last night I packed up a lot of my kitchen and my room. Put some stuff into my car and moved some small pieces of furniture down the stairs. I'm really excited to be moving into Highpoint, I think it is where Megan Mincher lived at one point, but it is really nice and it will be nice to have just one roommate again. I hope you all can make it down to see it eventually! *Cough* The 7th *Cough*.

Anyway, you all are doing sort of a poor job keeping me up to date with your activities (with the exception of my sister, Mary). So keep in touch and let me know how it is in Des Moines, and STL. It interests me. I miss you guys!


  1. Brit Backman. I live with her now, but we've also had 2 other roommates throughout the course of this year.

  2. YES I am facebook friends with her, she seems like a classy character. And by "classy," I mean "likes to party."


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