Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Dakota Likes to Party.

My friend Niki spotted this in a parking lot up here in Minnesota and was kind enough to document it for me (it's a South Dakota plate):

Apparently the owner of the car walked up to her while she was taking the picture and was like, did you hit my car? When she explained her purpose - that she is friends with an insane Jayhawks fan - said owner was happy to allow her to proceed with her photography mission.

On a related note, I was pulling into Target the other day, and noticed that the car in front of my had a Missouri Tigers license plate frame. Gross. Well, the lady was walking in with me, so, in Big 12 spirit, I started up a friendly conversation, noting that you don't see Mizzou stuff up here too often. I told her that I was a Jayhawk and tried to talk hoops with her. Like a true Mizzou alumnus, she was not interested in talking hoops. Wonder why.

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