Monday, July 20, 2009

MK + PD Know How to Party

I am going out on a limb today and posting TWO, yes TWO blogs. This first one is mainly for mom and dad, because I promised them that I would post my maid-of-honor speech, and because of its awesomeness you all can read it again.

"Good evening everyone, as many of you know, I’m Katie, Mary’s little sister, and I would first like to start out by saying how honored I am to be standing up here as her maid of honor. It’s been a long journey to get to this night, and I’m so glad it’s finally here!

I want to start out by telling you all one of my earliest memories of Paul, and I think I can speak for most of the basketball-crazed Kellermans when I say this, it was the first time he entered our notorious NCAA March Madness bracket and made two memorable decisions. Not only did he enter under the name Paul “Roundball” DesCombaz…but he also chose Kansas as the only number 1 seed in the tournament to be eliminated before the Final 4...which in the Kellerman family, doesn’t typically go over well.

I remember thinking to myself, “who is ‘Roundball’?” And when I asked Mary about Paul’s bracket choices, she defended him in saying that he doesn’t know that much about basketball or the Kansas Jayhawks. Needless to say, he’s been learning. Well because the Kansas Jayhawks didn’t get eliminated after all and ended up winning the national title, “Roundball” obviously didn‘t do too well, and that bracket is something he will never live down in the Kellerman family. However, Paul, as much fun as it has been and will continue to be to call you “Roundball,” I am glad the day has come that I can finally welcome you into our family and call you brother.

Having a big family has been a blessing for myself, my siblings and my parents, and in that family Mary and I fall nearly 8 years apart. That number has never made a difference in the way we have bonded as sisters and as friends. I have always been the “princess” and Mary has always been the “queen”. This was just our little way of sticking together even with all 4 of our brothers. It took a lot to separate myself from all the World Wrestling Federation on the tv, but those were the times I was always able to look to the “queen” as a role model.

Although now everyone is grown up, made their own lives, and luckily have their own tvs, I look to Mary now more than ever as the kind of woman I aspire to be for many different reasons. The confidence she had to leave Kansas, let alone Lawrence, Kansas, and head to Minnesota is the kind of courage and drive I wish to have one day. The desire she has for her career as an attorney has pushed me to work even harder for hopes of attaining that kind of success for myself. The time she has taken and the care she has shown to keep in touch with her family hundreds of miles away, has kept us all in contact, and for that we are all thankful. And most importantly, the relationship and life that she has made with Paul shows the love that I learn from in hopes of experiencing myself.

From the time Paul and Mary stepped into my parent’s house for their first Kellerman family holiday as a couple, I saw the way they looked at and interacted with each other, and I knew this day would come. I know we all wish you the best of luck in everything you do together and every journey your life takes you on.

To my new brother-in-law, we are so glad to have you as part of our family, but one of these years, you’ll realize that in that bracket you have to pick Kansas to win the National title.

And finally, to my big sister, Mary, I know Paul will take care of you the way a true queen should be cared for, and I’m so glad you found that in such a loving man. I wouldn’t have wanted anything less for you and I am so proud to call you my sister.

So, to Mary and Paul DesCombaz.

I promised the bride a few final words, so while our glasses are raised: I love you both, congratulations, good luck, and rock chalk."

Granted, I couldn't get through all of it, so at least this way I don't have to read it in front of a large group of people! :) I bolded an important part of said speech, which is obvious in this blog.

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