Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Need advice, will blog.

After five years and three hard drives, I am giving up on my Dell and in the market for a laptop. Anyone have any suggestions and/or know the specs that I should be looking for? I'll mainly be using it for working from home, music and pictures, nothing too crazy. But I have been out of the market for so long I don't know what to look for...and I don't think I can afford a mac. Sad.

On a not related at all note, Dad called me (and I presume some of you) with an update on Gma K. She is having a hard time, so everyone keep her (and Papa K) in your thoughts/prayers.

MKD, fka MK

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  1. Are you planning to stick with a PC or going to go with a MAC. If you are sticking with a PC, then I would recommend and HP but make sure you get (and renew) all necessary virus protection, etc. Your best bet on specs is to go talk to the experts at a computer store and tell them what you plan to use it for...they can help you decide what you need based on your budget. Sean loves his MAC by the way.


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