Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Royals Suck

Just thought everyone should know/be reminded of the fact that the Royals have lost nine consecutive games. They have about six good major league baseball players, and their bullpen continues to only walk people and give up runs.

Recap of the last nine games:

July 10, 2009: Boston 1, Kansas City 0. Royals get shut-down pitching performance from Brian Bannister but give up one run in the eighth, while mustering no offense.
July 11, 2009: Boston 15, Kansas City 9. Royals have an offensive outburst, but it all occurs after they trailed 9-0. The bullpen continued to give up more runs.
July 12, 2009: Boston 6, Kansas City 0. Royals can muster absolutely no offense.
July 17, 2009: Tampa Bay 8, Kansas City 7. Royals score 7 runs, and lead 7-3 before the bullpen surrenders 5 runs late in the game.
July 18, 2009: Tampa Bay 4, Kansas City 2. Zack Greinke goes seven innings of one run ball, leaving the game with a 2-1 lead. The bullpen quickly comes and and gives up three runs in the eighth.
July 19, 2009: Tampa Bay 4, Kansas City 3. Royals' bullpen blows another lead. Former Royal J.P. Howell collects a save in each of the Rays' victories over the Royals.
July 21, 2009: Los Angeles 8, Kansas City 5. Royals take a 5-4 lead following a homerun from Billy Butler, but Sidney Ponson and the Royals bullpen quickly give that lead away.
July 21, 2009: Los Angeles 10, Kansas City 2. Royals lead early 2-0, but the bullpen surrenders 7 runs in the seventh inning, completing the Angels' doubleheader sweep.
July 22, 2009: Los Angeles 9, Kansas City 6. Royals lead 6-2 before the bullpen quickly gives up seven runs.

This is what I have to deal with.

9 games. 1 game giving up 15 runs. 2 shutouts. 6 blown leads. 9 games.


  1. The Royals are quite possibly the worst team in baseball...again.


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