Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lightning McQueen Likes to Party


So I figured maybe if i made a new post and gave everyone an update on my current happenings, the blog would obviously be more interesting. Questionable, I know.

Well, not too much going on here in the Leahood. During the week, I'm babysitting 9-4 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two kids that I sat for last summer too, Jacob and Joshua Steele. Jacob is 6 and Joshua is 3, and finally potty trained. Which, I must say, is pretty neat.

Joshua has an infatuation with the movie Cars. Except he refers to it as Lightning McQueen. (For those who haven't had the opportunity to see the Disney Pixar movie 14,000 times like myself, Lightning is the main car. Joshua rocks many a Lightning McQueen croc or beach towel, as I am often forced to take them and Kate to the pool every day that I sit for them. It's pretty tough, but I like to think I'm getting by pretty well. (See forthcoming picture.)

Jacob and I throw the ball around, wiffle-ball style, outside while it's 900 degrees outside. Which obviously makes the pool a good supplement.

I spend a lot of my nights with this girl Kate, who I like. She's neat. We go to the pool with the boys during the week, and then hang out either here or in H-town (Harrisonville) at nights. We enjoy watching the Royals suck... who doesn't really?? We are the worst baseball team ever. I get semi-peeved watching them once in a while. We watch the freakin' boys in blue a lot, (where I make a point to point out every possible hawks shirt in the crowd) and we thoroughly enjoy our "Winged Wednesday," which is the night that we go to Coach's to have one or two Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches or Spicy Wings. SO GOOD. We like to eat a lot, and are unfortunately counting down the days until we go to college. Although I like to often step back, and know that it can't be too bad, because I'm not the one stuck going to Mizzou.


I'm excited for college, hopefully I'll be more ready next month when I actually go. Having the princess up there will be pretty clutch. My roomate doesn't like sports, so I've obviously come to the conclusion that he has issues. ...Just kidding, I'm sure it will be great. I'm living in Ellsworth in a 2-person suite with bath. They had orignally put me in McCollum put I complained and got what I wanted, taking a page out of either Mama K's or Mary's book.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing neatly. And I hope we can continue to keep up on the blog, which is a grand idea, just ask Mama K.

Oh and I'm listening to a lot of country music, which surprises everyone I'm sure. I just can't get enough!

I'd like to end with the poem that got me an A in English class last year. I have previously sent it to you all in an e-mail, but just to jog your memory...

The Shot

All tuned in as the shot was thrown
And the nation's best was finally shown
A memorable shot, to say the least
And the nation was relieved of the bias from the east
One to be shown over and over
The shot did justice to a four-leaf clover
The shot going in led all to see
You just can't mess with destiny.


  1. I must say, skellerman, your blogging skills are pretty neat. However, you forgot to mention that you and Neat Kate spend approximately an hour a day drooling over each other on facebook.

  2. Additional comments that I must make about your post:

    1. "Up" is the best Pixar movie.
    2. Toy Story 3 comes out next June, can't wait.
    3. You should give your GF a shirt that smells like you when she leaves for school so that she has you close, ahhhh.
    4. Said shirt must have a hawk on hit.
    5. Maybe your non-sports liking roommate is a mini PD?

  3. Baller. Keep it coming. The Royals suck worse than any team in baseball. Harrisonville? Neat. Go Hawks.


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