Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canada likes to party.

So, I am back from Canada as of Saturday afternoon, which is a good thing because someone needs to keep this little blog running, right? Canada sure did like to party, as do franchise lawyers. I was pretty sick of being surrounded by 700 franchise lawyers by the third day of it, but oh well. I did not have to pay for a single drink all week, so that was cool.

On Saturday we went to a wedding that was not nearly as good as mine. No surprise, I am sure. We left at about 9:30, as I need more recovery from the Toronto trip. (FYI, no fishing in Toronto, but it is an awesome city and I want to go back).

Now, life goes on in fear of the snow. Things are relatively quiet for the next few weeks, which is good, as I am swamped at work. PD is busy with school and work. We need to get a mini fridge and cable back pronto, aka before basketball season starts. Very important. We are going to see Norm MacDonald do stand up on Saturday, and that is about all we have going on. We are going to a Halloween party and I need a costume idea, suggestions are welcome.

Hope all is well in the lower midwest. Check in on the Blog. Come on, Kevie, I am waiting....

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