Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots Happening in the Kellerman Family

Well the last post was back in June so I thought it was time to resurrect the Blog.

First and foremost - a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Danny and Brigid!! We are so excited for you and look forward to your wedding and all the excitement leading up to it. We are very proud and happy to have Brigid join the family! We had a great visit to St. Louis in late August.

Secondly, a big congrats go to Andrew for his new job as a clinical pharmacist at Appleton Medical Center in Appleton, WI. A really big decision but a great one as he is doing a job that he really wanted to. You can't fit a lot in a Camry so he has become a great friend of the Ashley furniture store. Mom and I are going to visit later this month and look forwad to seeing Andrew, his work and his new town -- bring on the cheese curds.

Kevin recently took the plunge and had his house painted. Our next door neighbor, Ron Green, did the honors and did a great job. Prior to painting, Kevin took off the front overhang and it looks fantastic -- it looks like a completely different house! Hey Kev, can I have my saws back? :-)

Katie is extremely quite well in her first few weeks of nursing school although it is really hard to say "go Eagles". She is acclimating to living back at home with the old folks but manages to make trips back to Lawrence to keep the fever. Good test scores so far -- be sure and ask her about the colostomy bag she got to "bring home"!

Mary and Paul continue to hold down the St. Paul deep fried neighborhood -- all without going to the state fair (go figure). Paul is on the downhill slide for his teaching degree and we wish him all the best. Mary is being enteprenurial with the opening of Pog Totes website and is truly becoming a "sewing machine". They are making a trip to St. Louis over Thanksgiving to spend time with the newly engaged.

Last but not least, congratulations to Sean for his first radio broadcast last week on KJHK, the Jayhawk radio station. He did the halftime and post game show. Mom and I were at the lake with our card group but able to listen on the internet. He really did a great job and appears to be a natural. He is hoping to get on as a play-by-play announcer with the baseball team!

Mom and I are very excited about all these great things going on in the family! Although grandpa has been sick, it is good to have him back home. He is probably going to be more feeble from now on but hopefully both he and grandma will acclimate to the new lifestyle. we took the plunge and had the last of the replacement windows in the kitchen and office replaced a couple weeks ago. Also finishing the last of the master bedroom project, which is our clothes closet. Should be a huge improvement. Looking forward to some better organization. Mom has a trip planned the middle of this month to Pascagula, MS. She is going with Kelli Reidy for a baby shower for Tim and Heather's twins.

Hope everyone has a great week...we love you all

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