Thursday, October 7, 2010

No longer blocked

Welp, the blog was blocked at my office for a while, so I stopped checking. It seems as though it's back up and running - so I'll do my best to contribute.

Congrats on painting the house, Kev. I bet it looks very nice.

Hopefully school is going well for the college/graduate kids! It's not too long before Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks!

Andrew - Congrats on passing your test...that's a great accomplishment!

Mary is coming to the Lou for T-giving, so we should have a great time giving her a tour of the city and celebrating the engagement. And, I'm sure, we'll go to a yarn store or two - unless I can convince her they are closed over the holiday :)

Dad/Mom - I hope all is going well. I'm sure having Katie at home is very nice. Keep me posted on anything and everything about Grandpa. From the last I heard, he is doing much better and in great spirits.

I look forward to seeing everyone over Christmas!


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