Thursday, February 4, 2010

well, that was a little much.

hi all. i am now refusing to use capital letters until someone else posts. pretty cool, right? last night was a little much. i was not prepared for ot against colorado, or as my colorado alum coworker calls them, the buffs. luckily, we are still 41-1 vs. colorado over the last 42 years, so that is good.

old man descombaz said he would start posting on the blog soon. we'll see if that happens. i was telling him how i was sad about not hearing from anyone for awhile.

so year, brent favor messed things up for the vikes. we watched that whole game too. so sad. but i am happy that new orleans is in the superbowl and will be cheering for them.

friday night lights is an awesome show. has anyone else watched it? that's what we generally do, come home from work, go to the gym, watch some friday night lights. it's cold and snowy and there is not much else to do.

we had an earthquake relief fundraiser dance party and raised $826.25. the $1.25 was from my nephew jackson. it was pretty awesome overall.

i am going to girl's night on saturday after the nebraska game. the in-laws came to tiff's for the k-state game and loved it. i have some friends who are going to join me at tiff's on monday, so that should be good. i am entering a contest to win a trip to kc to go to the ku/ou game. you get one entry for every five boulevards you drink. i have yet to get an entry, and the drawing is the 13th, so i better get on it. need at least one ticket in the mix, right?

well that is all for now. i have just been working a ton and cursing the snow.

love you all.

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