Monday, February 15, 2010


sorry it has been so long since i have posted! i did just read all the posts and really enjoy them. somehow time seems to fly by. Dad and i are doing great. we had a wonderful trip to Florida even though Mr. VP had to work. I guess he will continue that working so he can continue to have that cool title. I did get to go to the spa with Julie for a couple days and that was very nice. we had several nice dinners and did go to the beach even though we had to wear our hoodies and it was still cold. Dad has been home for awhile and it has been so nice having dinner together. we went with Catherine and Milton this past friday for dinner, it was nice we listened alot! we also took grandma and grandpa out last week they have not been out much so they really enjoyed our dinner on the plaza. Dad goes to NO on tuesday. i am going to dinner at colleen's Laura is leaving for Australia to sutdy, hmmmmm! oh well you will all get those trips of a lifetime and won't have to study which will be much more fun. Katie came in for her interview on Friday at Avila and was very excited. She said it went great, i am so glad for her. we went to lunch and to Joann fabrics, I know you are all jealous you missed out on that trip to the fabric store but i am making some pillows and a bed spread for our new bedroom which by the way looks awesome. we are almost finished, it has been alot of work but well worth the effort. We are looking into getting new floors in our room and my bathroom. that would be our last big investment in this house I think.I have enjoyed watching the KU games with Dad, Joe and Caroline at least the Saturday night games when i babysit. I am working my hours at the learning tree and still babysitting it keeps me pretty busy. I really enjoy my mornings at home and sleeping in. I love you all and glad to hear from everyone, love Mom

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  1. I am SOOOO jealous of the trip to JoAnn fabrics.


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