Saturday, February 6, 2010

approach no. 2.

because i have not yet had a reaction to my strike on capital letters, i am now taking another approach to blogging. i will blog everyday that i can with worthless information! hahahahaha!

for example, everyone's excited for the big game tomorrow, right? by the "big game," i mean the puppy bowl. pd, mouse, charlie brown and i are going to get ourselves some beggin' strips and cozy up on the couch for this one.

here's the starting lineup:

today i am at work. it sucks, because, as you may have noticed, today is saturday. oh well. i am totally swamped these days.

however, tonight i have girl's night. i am excited. we are going to a restaurant/bar in lowertown st. paul for dinner/drinks/dancing. i have new cowgirl boots that i am going to wear. it's going to be great.

i am going to work until 3, go to the gym, and then get home and be showered in time for a 5:00 tip off.

snow storm a-coming as well, starting tomorrow afternoon and going through tuesday. ten inches or so. fyi, we have a massive amount of snow on the ground because it just keeps falling and never melts. it sucks. and i am a little afraid that this storm is going to mess with my plan to be at tiff's for the big game on monday. i sure hope not.

signing off for now...

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