Thursday, February 11, 2010


is buying Brigid a digital camera for her birthday. He said this would be a great idea because she would be able to take pictures of him laying around the pool (in the summer) - and then she will send them to the family. All he needs now is to get shaved since his winter coat has become insanely thick.

Glad to hear Mary and Katie are doing well. It's obviously cold everywhere that Kellerman's reside - maybe someone should move to FL or CA? Just a thought.

The Jayhawks are rocking and chalking all over college basketball nowadays. If Marcus Morris can keep up his pace, I don't think anyone will be able to beat us this year. I really don't care if we lose once in conference play and even once in the Big 12 tourney. Sometimes it's better to get a bad game out of the way (Tenn.) and press on afterwards. Rock Chalk!

Not much going on in STL. Mardis Gras is this weekend. I think Brig and I are going to lay low - maybe dinner on Friday and watch the KU game Saturday. Her bday is Monday, so I'm going to take a half day vacation. I don't get much, so hopefully we can find something fun to do. It's her big 3-0, so I'm throwing a party on the 20th - which is actually being held at her friend, Meghan's house. We're going to get some Black Thorn pizza (the best in STL) and some drinks/desserts, so it should be a good time - at least I hope it will be.

Otherwise, not much going on. I'm busy at work and am contemplating starting grad classes up again. If not, I'm going to study to become a teacher through ABCTE - read up on it www. It's only offered in 9 states - and MO happens to be one of them - I imagine because of the almost non-existent public schools.

Hopefully everyone else is doing well. I talked to Andrew this past weekend, and he informed me that Michael is trying to run the tournament pool this year. Dear God. Sean, please don't let that happen - I know you won't.

Everyone stay warm. Bob and Hampton say hello.

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