Monday, March 8, 2010

Tis the Season of RCJ

Well, as I commented on Sean's post, work was done on Saturday in Columbia. Just a standard KU/MU matchup. I was sad because we missed almost the entire first 1/2 due to the Villanova game going into overtime and people apparently caring about that. So I had the gamecast on my phone, and the score looked close...I was nervous. CBS kindly took us to KU/MU at about the 3 minute mark...and we watched Kansas score 16 and missouri score nothing. Amazing. Then, for the last two minutes of the game, PD was going wild, cheering for us to win by 20 or more. It was great. He is becoming more and more of a fan each day (even though he won't admit it to Kellermans - he is always telling other people how he is a "true fan" now). I am going to order him a Kansas hat to wear in Mexico.

Speaking of, I am going to miss at least two tournament games, which makes me sad. Hope for the Friday/Sunday draw for the regionals for my sake.

Not much going on up here. The thaw has been happening for about two weeks...and there is still snow, gross, dirty snow, all over the place. It's taking a real long time this year. But spring came early, and it should be a nice one. Paul is doing everything to finish up school and prepare for graduation, which will be happening in December after he student teaches this fall. I am just doing law stuff. Pretty boring, and being domesticated in general. I am working on getting C. Brown into a dog agression class so he can learn to be social with other dogs and not a vicious beast.

I just received the conference room w/ the TV here in the office for 11:30 - 1:30 on Thursday. RCJ.

Hope to here from ya'll soon.

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  1. Update: Just ordered PD a sweet hat with the fighting 'hawk for Mexico.


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