Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Phones in Toilets

I have NEVER dropped my phone in a toilet, although I have often been falsely accused of doing so. My dear sweet husband (i.e., that dude who took Butler to the final four) HAS dropped his phone in a toilet. And I have dropped mine in a glass of water. So perhaps that is from where the confusion comes?

See you KC folks on Sunday! Pretty excited. I am spending Saturday night in L-town and the Sunday-Tueseday in KC. Should be a good time, although I have to write a prehearing brief while I am there. Uggg. I go to trial in just over a month. SCARY.

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  1. OH YEAH and Mexico was amazing. Well, only if you are into 85 degrees and sunny with light breeze, while sipping frozen beverages pool or oceanside, and hanging out with peacocks.


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