Wednesday, January 6, 2010

7 Degrees is Now Considered Hot...

SO - the cold weather is kicking my a$$. There is currently a large downfall of snow covering the Lawrence sky. Its really really pretty, but I'm getting sick of the -4 degree weather.

For some warmer news, I made spring break plans to go with 6 of my friends to Miami! That will be fun! I am super excited! My first spring break as a legal 21 year old.

Sean came up to L-town and we wen shopping and had lunch! I have started a new health kick to get into gear for the spring break season. I have been eating nothing but healthy food and I have been doing about an hour of cardio every other day, hopefully moving into every day in the next week or so.

The hawks are dominant as always - I smell a championship rapidly approaching!

I really had a lot of fun with all of you around the holiday season. It will be sad not seeing all 9 of us together for a while! Maybe at aunt Jan and uncle Joel's nuptuals?? :) HAHA

Well, I have spent some of gift card on the following -
1) matching Vera Bradley wallet
2) Jayhawk sweatpants
3) Jayhawk t-shirt
4) new swim suit for spring break
...and still money to spare! So thank you mom and dad!

Well, I love you all, I hope that back to work isn't as dreadful as it sounds! School starts on the 14th! So wish us luck haha!

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  1. Hahahaha, it is so awesome that you guys get to experience the pain of winter with me.

    My gift card purchases included:
    1) back massager
    2) velcro towel thingy
    3) burt's bees
    4) toothbrush
    5) socks
    5) iphone

    Pretty awesome over all.

    Paul's gift card purchases:

    1) nerd books
    2) not so nerdy book
    3) more nerd books
    4) nerdier books
    5) t-bell on the way home from Kansas


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