Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zero Degrees Sounds Balmy.

Well all, hope you are enjoying the Artic Blast. The last two mornings of -15 have been miserable. It's going to warm up to 6 the next couple of days, but of course that means it will snow on top of the ice covered roads...and then highs below zero again. Why did I move here? Horrifying.

In other news...back to the daily grind, post-holidays. While I was initially sad about the end of the holiday season, I recovered from my grief once I realized that January = start of Big 12 play. I have already made plans for the Texas game on Feb. 8. I feel like it might be intense, so I will have to go to Tiff's to be with my people.

PD has started saying "clutch" all the time after a week with the Kellermans. It's kinda funny.

Yeah so as you can tell, my life is boring. Back to that law.

OH YEAH I assume that you all got my new number. Had to switch to AT&T and they could not transfer the Kansas area code. Bye bye Verizon, hello iPhone!

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