Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lotsa stuff is happening.

I am a busy, busy girl, and I need to update the blog like you would not believe.

First, here's Bruce. He's quite sad because he is naked.

I LOVE HIM. But he really wants this:


(Note the fact that it says Rock Chalk in white. That's key.)

He also wants some of those sweet car coasters and other things to generally pimp him out.

In related news, Mom won the deviled eggs competition this Easter. It was very carefully judged, although no surprises, obviously. Here are the competitors for anyone who was not there:

Next, I got to watch some of the Twin's opener in Target field from Michael Dady's office. I couldn't figure out how to zoom on my iPhone camera, so I had a much better view than this represents. It's pretty great:

Finally, operation domestication continues. After making mac and cheese and hummus from scratch the other night, I then turned these clearance table clothes and napkins that Mom found at JoAnn into curtains:

So Paul and I are going to the Twins/Royals game on Friday night. I need some Royal's gear (Katie, if you could pick me up a nice tee before you guys come down in June, I'll pay you back). For now, I will just wear my baby blue sweater. Although I might have my Believe shirt, now that I think about it...


Yep, the one and only Commissioner (aka Sean Kellerman) found this gem for me. I LOVE it. I can't wait for next Bball season so I can wear it. Or, even football.

Oh, and did you guys hear the news???



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