Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season of Heating Up Cars

Well, it's probably going to happen this week. I am going to have to start heating up my car every morning, probably for the next three or four months. Not cool. I really enjoy not having to do that.

It sounds like you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I hear Katie got domesticated, apple pie style. Only 8 more days of illegality, my dear. Congrats, you made it.

DK, how was your birthday? Did the Jayhawks ruin it with their sad loss to Mizzou? I watched most of that game, and enjoyed the first half - and then they blew it. Uggg. Basketball. Right?

Our Thanksgiving was pretty calm. We spent a lot of time with Paul's brother and sister in law, Mike and Heather, because they were in town from Duluth and we don't know if we will see them over Xmas. We made not one, but two appearances at Grumpy's. (Mom and Dad, Jess says hi and she missed you.) I worked on my general domesticated and tried to sew and knit some stuff. It's pretty fun. I successfully (kinda) sewed pleats into a bag, and made pockets. I like the sewing machine.

PD is excited for his first participation in the name exchange. I hope he can pull it off. I am ready for Christmas. I am taking Wed-Mon off work, so that should be nice. Right now, I am suffering from a bit of a cold, but I guess that is good - get it out of my system between the holidays, right?

Well, sorry for the somewhat boring post. OH YEAH I hung xmas lights on a bush outside my house. It is sweet. And we put our tree up. And I want to buy more xmas decorations, so I think that I am going to go to Target over lunch and do just that. Fun!

Happy Holidays to all. C. Brown says hi. He's adorable and can't wait to see you all at xmas.

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