Thursday, December 31, 2009


To Sean on winning the Superbowl in the Doodles league. Good work, buddy.

I should take pictures of the snow piles here. It makes the KC white christmas look SORRY. And they won't be going anywhere, as we will be ringing in the new year with a low of -15, and a low of -25 later this weekend.

Well, it's been a helluva 2009. I particularly enjoyed the part where I married Paul because he's the bestest. He is being a wonderful househusband this week while I am at work - cleaning, cooking, doing the shopping. I still won't let him near my laundry though. But he is such a good grocery shopper that I am trying to make this his job.

We are having some friends over tonight, so we'll be safe and sound in our basement. Everyone else be safe, call cabs if necessary, etc etc. Happy New Year!

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