Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here we go.

I believe that all the Kellermans (except maybe Danny) are about to get a taste of some winter. We're looking at a solid 6-9 inches, winds at 40 mph, lows below zero and wind chills way below zero. NOT happy. But I must say, I am glad it waited until after this past weekend, or that would have been a helluva drive.

It was nice to see all the fam this weekend, despite the somber occassion. I say we continue to celebration of Grandma K's life through the Xmas season.

Grandma H provided Paul and I with quite the Holiday decoration: a giant Snoopy in a Santa suit. And I mean GIANT. It's sitting on the couch in our family room. Charlie Brown (the dog) is afraid of it. He likes to sit by the couch and bark at it. I love it. It is very festive, and fun to cuddle with.

Anyway, I am almost finished with my Xmas shopping, and hope that you all can say the same. Except for pd. I have not gotten him anything. Argg.

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