Friday, December 18, 2009

The Forecast.

100% chance of a White Christmas here in Minnesota. We've got a solid 8 inches on the ground (and it ain't melting with lows below zero), and more coming Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

I am carefully monitering the forecast so as to plan my trip south accordingly. All of the presents are wrapped and packed and ready to go. I have the Dady & Garner holiday party tonight. I was the official party planner this year, so let's hope that everyone has a good time. Otherwise, they'll come bitching at me. Luckily, my budget included an open bar, so that should help.

Tomorrow we have Paul's family for Christmas at our house. It's going to be insane, a true exercise in domestication. I think there are going to be 20 people or so. I am little nervous. Paul is going to clean tomorrow and I am going to get the food together. Not too much cooking involved, and hopefully some people will bring some stuff. That's the plan, anyway.

Alright all, weather permitting, we'll be on the road on Wednesday morning. Charlie Brown is excited to see you all. He wants to give you all hugs and kisses.

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