Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tis the Season of Giving Thanks

So - Thanksgiving has passed, and so I guess the next national holiday would be...December 9th. The birth of Kathleen Elizabeth Kellerman, 21 years prior. WOOHOO!

I'm super excited about my birthday, I got really cool gifts from mom and dad - and I got a little of my Christmas shopping done with dad on Saturday! I'm super excited to have everyone home again for the holidays, I love Christmas!

Mary - sorry you missed the giving of thanks, I ate extra sweet potatoes for you. And you didn't get to experience my apple pie, but maybe I'll make one for Christmas.

Danny - I hope you had a good birthday - sorry the Hawks couldn't deliver a victory - a safety?! REALLY MISSOURI!?!? I mean come on...

Kevin and Andrew - I had fun hangin out with you guy this weekend, I'll see you on Christmas - good luck with work and stuff during the holiday season!

Sean - see you in like....I dunno - a couple hours.

Mom and dad - Thank you SO much for all you did for us this weekend. I LOVE my birthday gifts and I had a lot of fun putting up the christmas lights and tree. Dinner was AMAZINGLY delicious and spending time iwth you two is always my favorite part of the holiday!

Family - LOVE YOU ALL. Everyone stay happy and healthy! UPDATE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!! I like to know what you are doing instead of just boring you with me doing nothing...soooo ya.

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