Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!

Well I know it has been way too long since I blogged but there are many excuses that I won't bore you with today. I've read through the recent posts and have some comments and questions:

1) Mary, you should reconsider your choice of surgeons next time you have a root canal. You do know that your regular dentist is not qualified to do the RC, right? I'm sure it was not near as painful as our having to listen to your kareoke (however you spell it).

2) Katie - what the hell is a dichotomous??? I've never done fishing for ethics -- is it tasty?

3) Grienke is a stud - I saved the special in the paper for you Sean

4) Kev - thanks for returning my rakes. Oh, I guess I can just tell you at Thanksgiving

5) I guess we are definitely back to "just wait until basketball season". The game at Arrowhead is going to be less than exciting and after that, Mangenius is done!! Let's have a pool on who our next coach will be. Charley Weiss will certainly be available but hopefully we don't stoop that low.

6)Sean - BB season at the Phog is what you have been waiting to experience for a long time. I know it is worth it, especially with such a talented team. By the way, have you talked to Bob yet? If Greg Gurley and do sports announcing, then you are a shoe-in!! By the way, Greg Gurley's daughter is in the same class as Carloine -- maybe she could introduce you.

Enough about the previously crafted information. Now it's time for my update. Mom and I have been very busy as you can imagine. We did have a great trip to St. Louis to visit Danny and Brigid althought the time went way too fast. Lesson learned -- do not go to Wal-Mart on Halloween. It is packed, they were none too friendly and shut down my line right when it was our turn (all I wanted was some tums). We met Brigid's parents at dinner on Saturday night and had a really nice time (by the way, Danny paid so others should follow suit). Two weeks after St. Louis, we went to the great north to visit Mary and Paul and also had a great time. Lesson learned -- "Take a chance on me" is not a good kareoke song for Mary to sing. We all met up with Bobbie and Tim and Chad and Laurie for dinner on Friday night and had a great visit. I was disappointed that there was no snow for us to enjoy but I'm sure we will all get some this year.

Work has been really busy with year end sales push, establishing budgets for 2010 and 2011. Although the economy is bad, HNTB is expecting record setting year for sales, revenues and earnings in 2009. The preliminary numbers for employee shareholders is a 61% increase in stock value. Woohoo, I may get to retire some day after all!! Mom has also been staying very busy and has a pretty set schedule of babysitting and working at the Tree where, as we all know, she is a superstar!

Sean, I played poker up at Mike Fitz's on Friday -- 3rd place again!! Mike won and Vince took 2nd place -- he was almost strategic, which is very surprising as you know. Connor was there and I found out that he bailed on KU at the last minute and ended up at Northwest Missouri State. Probably a better choice for him. No wonder you have not seen him on campus.

Mom and I have a few trips planned over the next few months -- man this empty nest deal is kind of cool. We are going to New Orleans from December 1o through 13th for the HNTB Louisiana Christmas party. Flanagan's are going too so it should be fun. Then at the end of January, we will be going to Amelia Island Florida for the HNTB officer's meeting. The weather is not all that great in January, but the place is beautiful. Finally, we are going to go to Las Vegas with Pat and Lisa Ryan from March 17th through the 22nd. You might note that this is the first weekend of the NCAA tournament. Pat and I will be placing some very strategic bets on games and spending quality time in the sportsbook at the Mirage and expect that Lisa and mom will enjoy the pool and some gambling excitement too.

We are really looking forward to the holidays and having everyone home. Will miss Mary and Paul at Thanksgiving but look forward to seeing them at Christmas. Everyone stay healthy and safe!!

Love you all,

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