Thursday, September 10, 2009


Not much going on in St. Louis. I'm looking for a new job if anyone has any contacts here. Even though Emerson has been nice the past couple of years, I have hit a plateau and am not being challenged anymore.

Brig and I have started to play a little golf. It's actually pretty fun - although she gets more frustrated than I do, which is kind of surprising considering my competitiveness with sports.

Mom and Dad are coming in town for a night in October - so that should be fun. I think Smokey and B Hansen are coming in next weekend because Brig will be in NYC for a bachelorette party. B has never been here - so it will be nice to show him some of the city and possibly go to a baseball game. It's weird being in a town with a good team.

Any and all are welcome whenever you would like. Andrew - you should still try to come over while you're living in K.C. I'm sure Kevin will come sometime before winter (he was supposed to in August).

Hope all is well. Katie and Sean - glad to hear things are going well in L-town. Stay away from the swine flu!

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