Monday, September 28, 2009

The rest of you missed out...

So Mary says I need to blog, so obviously the first thing I want to blog about is the meal had last night, and I want you all to picture it in your minds (except Andrew, mom, and dad because they were all there to enjoy it).
Started off with some baked potatoes smothered in butter, cheese, and light sour cream.
Followed by an 8 ounce rib eye cooked to perfection, pappa k style.
Some squatter-nut-bash drizzled in some brown sugar.
AND - if you weren't jealous enough yet...
Mom made a homemade apple pie and with 3 pounds of jonathan apples and we each enjoyed a slice of that...a la mode.
It was phenomenal. I hope you are all jealous...correction...I KNOW you are all jealous.

Anyway, my life is going well. I'm working a lot still, pretty much all weekend every weekend. Classes are going well, my microbiology class is really hard but I'm going to get through it I'm sure. I am starting the long process of nursing school applications, I am applying to KUMed, Avila, Rockhurst, and St. Luke's. Hopefully you all will hear good news about that around...February. Ha.

Megan Mincher is engaged, I'm sure you all have either heard that or saw that coming.

Sean and I Lawrence, dinner every now and then, but in general, the hawks are awesome and Late Night is October 16th.

Andy just turned 21 so we went out and had some delicious sushi, and my 21st is rapidly approaching (just so none of you forget!).

Uhh, lets see, what else do I know? .... Nothing really. I stopped off and saw my friend Lauren Goulding from high school if any of you remember her, she had a baby about a year and 3 months ago, so I was checking up on baby Emma. My other friend whom I'm sure some of you remember, Cadie Williams, is also preggers now. Yikes. But yup, thats about it!

Keep me posted everyone.

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  1. Your friends are more fertile than mine apparently...good update, I did not know about Megan Mincher, congrats to her. Yet another crazy Havey wedding. Hopefully this one won't be in August.

    Reminder that I turn 29 pretty soon as well, I accept cash and gift certificates to yarn stores, haha. Or a mini fridge, we need one for our basement before bball season starts up!

    Go Vikes!


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