Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home All Week-Yeah!!

It's been a very busy week at work with lots going on but the best part is that I have been home all week! Almost forgot what that feels like. I was supposed to go to Dallas today but the meeting was cancelled. I'll pay for it next week as I will be heading to New Orleans on Tuesday morning till Thursday night, then flying to Chicago for meetings on Friday. We've had some major re-structruing in the Federal group and I now have about 140 people in the Engineering Practice. It's getting almost too big to handle so I'm looking to hire some new management staff to help me and others out with the workload.

We've been working in the upstairs bathroom - floor tile is down but not grouted, celing is painted and 1/2 of the beadboard is up. Slowly but surely we are making progress and hopefully it will be done by the Holidays! We had all the trees trimmed this week around the house and had the one down by the shed cut down completely, which really makes a difference.

Mom is coming downtown to have lunch with me tomorrow -- we plan to eat outside since the weather is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting a whole lunch hour or more instead of the usual 15 minutes at my desk. We are going to Mathew (the baby) Beck's wedding on Saturday. It's a 1:30 wedding but the reception is not until 6:00 -- guess I can work in the bathroom in between! Unfortunately this means I can't get up to L-town for the FB game but at least its on TV this week so I can watch the first half or so.

How about them Royals fnally getting some runs for Zack Grienke? if they could do that for his final 3 starts, he could win the Cy Young (PD, that is a baseball award for the best pitcher in the league). Like Sean, Andrew and I are still following the team hoping that they will not break 100 in the "L" column this year. Disappointing but there is always next year.

Well I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend - could be the last nice one in the great North!! Be safe. I love you all,


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