Monday, September 28, 2009

More Big News.

Here it is. I am converting for a Vikings fan for the season. Here's why: (1) the Vikings actually win games and, therefore, have a chance to at least make it to post season play; (2) that Brent Faber guy is pretty fun to watch; and (3) the Chefs never get televised up here. I will be a Chefs fan if the Chefs pay the Vikings, though.

In other news, poeple up here call the Royals "lowly" (Lame). The Twinkies should be thanking us for beating up on Detroit. I have a growing headache and am hoping to leave work soon. The temp dropped about 20 degrees, if not more, in an hour yesterday, and it's now 50-something and windy as hell. And there may be frost tonight. Awesome. We don't really get fall here, it sucks. I pulled out the down alternative (no animals hurt in the product of this) comforter last night, and it's quite lovely. But damn, I hate Minnesota winters. Hate hate hate.

Haven't heard from many family members recently. Sean and I had a phone date not too long ago, and I talked to Mom last week, but the rest of you should update me on life.

Rock Chalk Vikings.

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  1. The Royals are going to keep the twins out of the playoffs this weekend and then you can laugh at all your dumb twins fans


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