Thursday, September 17, 2009

Living in Fast Forward

Hello all.
---This will be my legitimate post---

Things are going well in Lawrence. I'm obviously very busy with school and friends. I really like college in lots of ways, with a main one being that I don't have to go to class from 8-3. Nah, instead, my classes are 12-3 MWF and 1-4 TR, with the exception of a Biology lab at 10 on Wednesday. It's really nice to be able to stay up late and still get a good amount of sleep. (KT hooked me up schedule-wise.)

I'm in Biology 100, Communication Studies 130, Spanish 212, English 102 and Biology 100, along with said Biology Lab (102). The toughest class for me is probably Spanish... the class is 100 MPH the whole time and there is a ton of homework. But, I'm doing well in it and all my classes so far.

I'm making some friends up here, and I'm hoping to find more ways to get involved in the journalism school, etc. to hopefully meet even more people.

I miss Mom and Dad obviously, and I do miss little things about home like Coach's wings and going to Royals games. I miss Caroline and Joe and the other kids I babysat for too.

I'm doing well though, hopefully it will continue to get better.

Kate seems to be doing well and staying very very busy in Columbia, but we're still doing great. She's busy with her sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta), volunteering, and Pre-Med society. I struggle from time to time because, as you all know, I'm a natural worrier. But she does really well keeping me grounded, and I always know I can get help from the big guy upstairs or one of you guys if I need it. I got a note from her in the mail today, which absolutely made my day.

The Royals lost last night but have won 7-of-9, and---oh yes---I'm still an avid follower. I hate to say this but, I'm pumped for next season (haha).
As for the Hawks, they still rule all. I'm so pumped, the football team plays Duke at home this Saturday at 11 a.m. Very excited, should be a blowout as usual. (Hawks.)
Oh, and Mario Little is huge. Saw him on campus today.

I like Mrs. E's and the Underground for food (I'm doing okay keeping the Freshman 15 off), and my friends and I like to go out to eat on Friday nights and sometimes on Saturday's too. Like I said, hopefully I can continue to meet more people and have fun.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well and, obviously, staying busy.

Can't wait to talk to and see you all soon.

Love you,


  1. Wednesday night, Vermont Street BBQ (on Mass street), 25 cent smoked wings, incredible. And/or Rudy's.

  2. Oh, and Twinkies fans love the Royals.

  3. I would hop off the Royals bandwagon for next year right now. They pulled this same stunt last year.

  4. I like the new pic Bob. Looks like you're enjoying some football.


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