Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Night Before Life Goes On

So it's Saturday night, and move in day is early tomorrow morning.

I got home about half an hour ago from Kate's, where we said our "good-lucks."
It was pretty sad.

So anyway, I'm sitting here watching Channel 9 News with Mom and Dad right now, thinking about stuff.

I have a lot of different emotions and things going through my mind right now, obviously.
Excitement, Anxiety, Nervousness, Curiousity, to name just a few.

As for what I'll miss, it will be a long list. I'll obviously miss Mom and Dad. I'll miss going out to dinner with them, complaining about the Royals to Dad while he's falling asleep on the couch (or his chair), always bothering Mom, doing things like following her around and asking her when she works and what her plans are for the evening, visiting her at the Learning Tree, watching two and a half men with Mom while I'm falling asleep, her home cooked meals. To name a few.

I'll miss Cisley's kids, Caroline and Joe. Whether it's playing basketball with them (real or video game) every Wednesday when they come over, playing Monopoly with them or just laying down watching cartoons.

I'll miss the kids that I babysat this summer and last, Jacob and Joshua. Taking them to the pool, taking them out to lunch, trying to see how many sports we can play outside in one day, watching the Sandlot, taking them to the pool more, listening to Joshua constantly call Jacob "Bud" all the time, and so much more.

I'll miss the house. I'll miss having a big room, my own bathroom, and being able to always have a different change of scenery if I wanted, simply by going upstairs or to the basement.

I'll miss having money.

I'll miss Kate. Can't even big to name all the things we did this summer. Coach's wings every Wednesday, going to and watching so so many Royals games (we didn't miss too many), many times laying out at the pool, random below the belt jokes about KU/Mizzou (Hawks), many minutes and hours of talking about nothing, going to concerts, going out to eat more and more and more, playing board games, blasting out to "Our Song" and "Love Story" in the car ride home after a dramatic Royals victory, driving 35 minutes to Harrisonville just to hang out with her for 2 hours at 10 p.m., watching Hardball, Sandlot, Field of Dreams, Remember the Titans, Friends, and many other movies (not ALL of them are sports) down there, going to Mochi Yo (Frozen Yogurt) wayyy too often, walking random places, dancing at the DesCombaz wedding (and the night before), and so so so many more things that we did this summer. Most of all, I'll miss how often we got to spend time with each other and text and talk to each other.

So anyway, that's a few things that I'll miss when I head off to Lawrence tomorrow.

I know that I'm not going too far away, and I will always have Mom and Dad if I need them.

I also know that with all that I'm leaving behind, there's many opportunities waiting for me at KU. I'm hoping to get involved in Broadcasting as soon as possible, as well as many other things.

I'm badly hoping to meet a lot of new people that I have things in common with. I'm hoping to become even more independent. I'm hoping to be open. I'm hoping to always remember who I am. I'm hoping for a 2010 National Title. I'm hoping to be able to spend my time wisely. I'm hoping to make good grades and have a great social life.

So to sum up, there's not too much on my mind.

That's just a few things that I'll miss and I'm looking forward to for college.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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