Thursday, August 13, 2009

anniversary number 10 weeks

Well, it's not really our anniversay, but PD and I have been married for about 10 weeks now, pretty impressive, right? Sounds like a lovely anniversay...I need to get to this power and light district sometime soon.

After near certain death from the Kansas heat, I am back to life as normal, and busier than I have been at work all summer. However, PD, C. Brown and I head to a cabin on a lake next Wednesday, so that should be nice. (Mouse is going to stay with his grandmother Roberta.) It will only be about 70 degrees while we are there, but oh well, a lake is a lake.

I took a wild trip for work up to Park Rapids, Minnesota, a tiny little down where the lawyer's office shuts down from noon to one so people can go home for lunch. It was awesome and I think that I have a future as a country bumpkin lawyer as soon as I get sick of this downtown Minneapolis madness.

Not much going on otherwise. I am gearing up to spit some law at Katie's ex-landlord if he gives her anymore trouble. Esquire that, scumball.

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