Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exciting Stuff.

So, operation domestication has come to a hault as things have gotten busy at work. It's better that way, though, because I need to bill enough hours to hopefully get some sort of bonus at the end of the year.

Things in St. Paul are dandy. Fall is approaching quickly - highs in the low 60's this weekend. Overall, this summer was lame. Hardly any thunderstorms (except when I was out of town - a tornado literally hit downtown Minneapolis while we were at the cabin last week). Only a handful of days in the 90's, and it's still only 55 or so when I got to work in the morning. Add that to the fact that this past winter was about 10 months long and I am still shivering from it, and you can see why I am not that excited for fall. I am also realizing that we are going to have to buy a rake...sounds like a husband job to me.

The state fair starts on Thursday. People here love the state fair. It is INSANE. Seriously, they wait all year for it. We'll probably go this year, considering that we live, literally, across the street from the fair grounds. This location, while wonderful for transporting yourself to the fair, sucks for transporting yourself anywhere else. 12 days of fun for Minnesotans, 12 days of traffic hell for MK and PD. We are going to have to use our garage for the first time because there is no street parking. Let's hope it doesn't collapse while a car is in there, or if it does, that insurance covers the car as well as the garage.

So yeah, that's about it from here...we have a comedy show tonight, a bbq tomorrow and a wedding on Friday, so keeping busy in general.

I would like to pose a question for the blog: Should I just become a Vikings fan this year?

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  1. No - Brett Favre is a joke and you can't turn your back on your real hometown team. If I were you, I would cheer for anyone else. You'll understand after about week 3 when all they are talking about is Favre. Go Chiefs - even though they won't win more than 6 games.


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